Part 2 Will Come on Friday...

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The latest Thirteen Things crashing about in J&J's Mom's head today.

Okay, so it's not over til it's over...the torch has been passed along for the TT so I will carry on. I'll post more about the school stuff tomorrow,as I ran out of time last night..Sorry! Instead I'm going to do a normal...disjointed...unrelated thirteen.

1. When we first got married, we purchased a really beautiful sleigh bed with the intention of adding a new piece to the set every six months to a year...after the first year...they discontinued the set.

2. We used our guest room furniture until we moved into this house (almost 5 years ago...we were married in 1994). We got rid of it because we were tired of the "ecclectic look". We intended to buy a new set.

3. We fixed our pool instead. We'll buy a new set next year.

4. We put siding on our house instead. We'll buy a new set next year.

5. We replaced all of our windows in the house with new Argon filled ones (29 of them) and fixed the pool....again, instead. We'll buy a new set next year.

6. We borrowed my roomates dresser and night stands (really nice SCAN furniture) until she wanted to move out and take it with her. She moved 3 years ago..we still have it. We'll replace it when we buy a new year.

7. We put in a brand new $1500 front door that we bought for $75 instead.

8. The door frame was rotten so we had to replace was rotten into the foundation of the house and we couldn't get to it without taking out the front stoop. We'll buy a new set next year.

9. We replaced the front walkway and stoop instead. We'll get an new set next year.

10. Last summer we fixed the pool for real and hopefully for the last time. WE WILL GET A NEW SET NEXT YEAR!!

11.For Christmas, my wonderful better half decided to give the gift of time and agreed to finish the entire first floor complete with archways and new flooring.

12. New Year's Day, said Hubby decided to clean the basement and get rid of the furniture left by our former roommate...he found a nice, single friend to give it to...only problem...she needed the of last weekend I was left with a bed and a book shelf in our room.

13. Two weekends ago we went to look at the Heart Pine flooring I want...$12.95 per square foot! Yikes! On our way home I decided it was going to take a while to get the walls prepped and painted, archways built and time to put in the flooring...we took a detour at what seemed to be the perfect moment AND

....spent our flooring money .....

....11 years later, on a.... guessed it... NEW BEDROOM SET!!! Yay me!! The first set I've ever owned! And here it is ;0) The bed's made, but our "stuff" hasn't been moved back in. The mirror still needs to be attatched and pictures put back on the walls, but that's it. Yes, our room is purple, carpet and all...I think the Hubs is color blind ;0)

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