Can You Guess?

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If I had to name my number one pet peeve it would have to be presentation of the English language to the public. This means if you are writing an email to a group of people, writing a letter in a professional situation (i.e. to a group of parents, people in high places or just for the general public), speaking to a group, involved in the media or public place, or just trying to make a point to someone you need to speak/write clearly, correctly and succinctly. Please use spell check and capital letters at the beginning of sentences. Do not end your sentences with a preposition; do not use "ummm" as a transition and for the love of God, please know and use the proper forms of the verb "to come". It is "I came" and "he/she comes" not "I come" and "people's is".

This is not to say I don't get West Virginians or them lovely's from the south. Regional vernacular is completely understandable and acceptable. My husband slides right back into his hillbilly ways whenever he goes home or visits with his family. However, knowledge is power people. We are viewed by judgement of others. If you speak in such a manner that others cannot understand you or "think" you sound like you don't know what you're talkining about...well enough said.

The following are some examples of what I'm talking about. See if you can correctly place each person with their writing sample.

1) I am doing 10 10 10 read-a-thon $10, 10 people,10 days. My gole is 300
minits and 1/2 of the money goes to buy books for our new library and the
other half I get to choose books from the USBORNE catalog for my selph.
Wood you like to sponser me?

2) i have not recieved a response e-mail about the meeting i went to. I am really sorry that this boiled down to such aggrevation on my part..but..
I really need to hash this thru with you. so that we can go on thru the year doing what is suppose to be done for the good of the children and school...

3) miami fla jan `15 26
dear wife and kidese i am at miami to night and I wood love for you aLL to bee near with me if you wore hear i thank we wood spend the rest of our days hear the sun is nice and worm down hear and the purtes pLace in the worLd i wase down on the das to day and saw the steam ships come in to the harbers i dont know how meany thar wose of tham a bout too hunderd of tham well i dont gess i wiLL b hear Longer than tomoro ia am going over miami beach tomoro to se the atLac oshan so i wiLL hav sompthing to teLL you when i come home the miami Lakes in a bout 3 miLes wide so i dont amagen i wiLL b abLe to see a cross the atLac but but i am going to Look as for as i can any way
weLL i gess i had beter cLose for this time i guess i wiLL start torg home tomoro i am getting home sik i dont find any pLace Like home no whare i hav bin i thank i wiLL stop aff at winter park a bout one day i onLy hope this wiLL find you aLL weLL i am feeLing gOOd down hear bretheing this salt water it has bin affLe hot to day thes pepLe down hear dont war any hats nor not veary meany close weLL it is geting a bout time for me to retear for the night but it is going to b veary worm to sLeep tonight good by teLL i see you a gane

4)I finally received my diploma. Check out the surprise on my diploma. I was surprised. Click on the picture of the diploma to see it larger.

I also enclosed a picture of the cross I purchased with the money you gave me. It is a cross I have been wanting for a long time. It is good quality so i can were 24/7 and don't have to worry about it chipping or pealing. The picture is not that great. The Jesus part is silver and the the cross part is gold. Thank you soooo much for everything ;-) the guessing comes in. Here are your choice to match to samples 1-4.

A. My six year old son
B. My husband's grandfather who received no formal education
C. My 25 year old cousin who just graduation (finally) Cum Laude from a Connecticut University
D. A fellow PTO board member

Pretty easy guessing I'm sure,but do you see my point?

***Disclaimer***This is in no way related to my fellow bloggers. This a personal space to write when, if and how you choose. That is not of relevance to this post ;0) Spell or mispell away my friends!!