78 Degrees

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No, not to Kevin Bacon, but the temperature here at my house today...in VA...in January...Winter. Yeah. Was Christmas really only two weeks ago? Somehow it just bypassed me.

I was thinking, while sunning my face in my shorts and t-shirt on my deck this afternoon, about sitting on the roof in college studying for exams.

That's what today felt like, minus the stress of course.

It also got me thinkin' how a little thing like change in weather can bring back things that happened 20 years ago like it was yesterday. New Year's Eve was spent watching the Top 100 songs of the '80's. Big hair, pure emotion, great tunes and a lot of one hit wonders from England.

Did you know Prince's Little Red Corvette was about pure unadulerated S-E-X. Seriously. The line, "She had a pocket full of horses, Trojans, some of them used," refers to Trojan condoms. The "Jockeys" represent men who have previously slept with the girl.

Did I know this? Apparently not until about 12:15 a.m. January 1, 2007. Almost 20 years after the fact...nice little bubble I live in. The voices in my head told me so....yeah.

We had a very cool Harvest moon the other night and me without my camera...we did end up going out to the zoo...here are some of the photos I took with my new toy...love, love, love my zoom lens!!

These little guys were about 200 feet away...very cool! Did I mention I LOVE my new camera?
My sister and her kids are leaving tomorrow after their 3 week vacation. I'll be sad to see her go...but I'll have my house back. We've all been through various stages of the same illness so today was good to "air out the house". I'm ready for some serious snow!! You folks out in the Denver area...send some our way okay?