A Visit From Beyond

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Well, it was a beautiful weekend in West By God. Nothing but the sounds of peace and serenity for two whole days. Birds chirping, wind blowing, rain dropping, rainbows appearing...that's right I'm convinced my mother in law came to say "hi" from the world beyond for the briefest of moments in the form of a rainbow...huge and full of color...here's the picture. I only had my camera phone so hopefully it will show up decently. It was one of those rains that lasted about 5 minutes, huge drops and the sun was still shining so it looked like you were being doused by a sprinkler

Other sounds of the weekend included chainsaw's grinding, trees falling, bonfire crackling, marshmallow's melting, husband screaming...oh yeah...did I mention the hubs spent Sat evening in the ER? Yeah...whilst cutting, with a very sharp razon knife, a marshmallow roasting stick for the boys, he managed to slice a very big hole in the webbing between his first and middle fingers. It warrented a 3 hours stay in the waiting room and 7 stiches. He's on some happy drugs now and I think the tetnus shot hurt more than the stiches *heh...heh* He'll live. He also won't be teaching our kids how to whittle anytime soon. ;0)

Other than that particular mishap, we had a great weekend. We were also home a day early so we went to the movies. Madagascar was a terribly cute movie...excellent graphics, great for young kids. Some adult humor also, maybe an oversimplified storyline for my taste, but all in all, a good flick.

HOWEVER..there was one tiny little eeeny-weeny itsy-bitsy thing that really pissed me off!!! The commercial crap before the movie, you know the stuff the theatre shows to advertise t.v.!!! Not even the previews which were fine, but there was a commercial for MTV where they show a paper bag puppet, then they show someone lighting the puppet on fire because they don't like what it's saying, then the guy holding the puppet shouts "What the HELL?" Now, I'm sorry...previews or commercials or whatever are supposed to be rated for all audiences are they not? This movie, granted, was rated PG, but this preview runs at all movies! This is not something I would choose for my 2 and 6 year old children to hear. Thank goodness I have taught them both that they are not nice things to say and yes, they both picked up on it, I just thought it was inappropriate that's all. I'm no saint, but I don't want my kids de-sensitized to this stuff either. I'll save that speech for another day.

Hope you all had a great one!! Until tomorrow then...

A New Kinda Meme

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Here's a new twist on the image game. Idea most recently found at Shoehound.

(albeit a while ago ;0))
Go to Google Images and search for: Place you grew up. Place you live now. Your name. Your Grandmother’s name. Your favorite food. Your favorite drink. Your favorite song. Your favorite smell. Then post the first or your favorite result for each.
Easy right? So go to it! Or don't, but it's a fun one!
I'm outta here for the weekend...see you all on Monday!!

How Do You Know It's An Addiction?

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When I pull J-man #1's baseball jersey out of the wash and it says
BOMBERS, but all I see is BLOGGERS.

Does Your Kid Do This?

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"Here ya go Mom. This for you."

J-man #2 graciously extends his hand to me...

"What is it?"

"A booger."

10 things I've never done...

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Okay, this is a little different than the last one of these I did. 10 things I've never done instead of that I have and you haven't. You are supposed to change only the ones that you have done and replace them with ones you haven't...
This was SSW's

1. Been white water rafting, (even though my mom, my sisters, my husband, and my children have.)
2. Been to Europe.
3. Changed a flat tire.
4. Eaten lettuce.
5. Milked a cow.
6. Finished college.
7. Bought anything from a telemarketer.
8. Gone snow skiing.
9. Done drugs.
10. Owned my own home.

Here goes mine, now this is scary, I changed them all and saying something about me...Yikes!:
1. Been to Austrailia-want a visitor Vegemite?
2. Broken a bone.
3. Gotten a boyfriend that I liked first.
4. Cussed someone out.
5. Played UNO fairly..heh..heh :0)
6. Killed anyone or any living thing (except bugs).
7. Been arrested.
8. Caught the person who hit and smashed our car in front of our house last
summer at 4 in the morning.
9. Found out what "Meme" means.
10. Met a stanger. ;0)

Okay...now I have to defend myself here with the drug one...it was only once, it was marijuana and it was in college. I did inhale (sorry mom!) and it didn't do squat...Thank GOD! Other than that nuttin'.

Rules are the same as always, play if you want and let me know or don't ;0)

Update: Since I've written this I did find out what "meme" means : "any piece of information passed from one mind to another"; "a unit of cultural transmission"; "the cultural counterpart of genes." So saith Google. Did I think to look it up myself?? Did I mention I'm blonde? Thanks for savin' my ass again Hoss. I'm such a dolt sometimes.....sheesh!

This Is Amazing...You Won't Believe Your Eyes!

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Thanks to Tammy for her techno help in posting this .wav file....couldn't have done it with out you!

Now...this is really strange, but interesting. This is a car advertisement from England. (Mrs. Mogul have you seen this anywhere?) When they finished filming the attached commercial, the ad people who made it, noticed something moving along the side of the car, like a ghostly white mist. The ad was never put on TV because of the unexplained ghostly phenomenon.When you watch it, pay close attention as the car goes behind the hill and tree and you'll see a white mist crossing in front of the car then following it along the road.

Turn up you sound, push play and sit down...especially for you weak hearts(really).

A Media Player is required.

A Media Player is required.

Eeery huh? ;0)

Compliment Your Blogroll Day..If you can that is...

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You got it...it's Compliment Your Blogroll Day and tomorrow too because some of you have really long ones ;0) Heck, take the whole weekend if you'd like! It's a lot of work..I'm not going to lie...

All you do is copy your blogroll into a post and say one or two nice things about each one. Simple right? Heh..heh...enjoy!

A Mom and Her Blog~ Tammy Blogging goddess...caring, kind and advocate for all who can't do it for themselves. She truly could save the world.
Agog and Aghast -Raehan~Charming, witty and poised. She has shared the beauty in bringing up two adoreable girls, no matter how crazy it drives her!
Ally's Path- Ally~ Strong and mindful. Will make it up that rock called Mount Rainier if it takes the rest of her life to do it!
Amateur Dad- David~Sensitive, talented writer, and a new Dad to be. One more week!!
Average Mom- Tammy~Honest and original mom from the upper reaches of the earth...living in almost solid daylight now with her "Terrors" of loveliness. Burnt hair and all. Always a laugh waiting for you at her place.
Belmondo~ Franchini~ Endearing, well-mannered, and intelligent. She makes even the most common of events like baking a cake with her seem exciting and she finds beauty in everything on the rock over the pond from me on even the most dark and dismal days.
Contemblogging ~ Suzanne~ A fellow purple lover, Libra and resident neat freak( no, that's not a bad thing;0) She is charismatic, articulate, warm and spirited. She loves to write, her husband and her baby boy to pieces. Always a note to make you smile waiting there.
Confessions of a Drama Mama- Carrie~ Cute, loving, and dramatic. A young, new mom with tons of love for her baby and baby to be! Congrats Carrie girl!
Crock Pot Mom~Strength does not even begin to describe this woman. She is a mother of five and a devout and loving Christian. She will now, forever and always be a very dear friend.
Dawn~Racy and spirited. A loving mom doing her damndest to make life great for her daughter despite the cards life has dealt her. You're gonna be okay Dawn. You go girl!
Demented Delusions-Michelle~Funny, effervescent woman , devoted to her work, her life and her writing.
Dooce~ Need I really say more?
Honestyrain~Hysterically sarcastic and real. Went on vacation and now she's got just a bar on her site..not sure what happened there.
Jamie Dawn~ Short and sweet and full of spunk. She says what she means and means what she says. From Star Wars to Moon on a Stick she will have you giggling, thinking and choking all at the same time! Fun, quick reads that are just enough to brighten the gloomiest of days.
Judy's Brag Blog~Judy~Cheerful, creative and supportive. Loves her kids to pieces and is immeasurably in love with her husband Scott. Fun to read and see her pictures!
Kismet -K!~Another newbee on my list. Introspective, thoughtful and quixotic. There's been a lot to write about in Kismet's life. She is living it one day at a time.
Letter to Kevin and Pauline~ Antipodesse~ One of my very first blogging buddies. Her blog is witty, provacative and a tribute to her children with a little spice thrown in.
Looseleaf Notes-Colleen ~An incredibly talented, thoughtful, and insightful author. She has a blogging addiction like the rest of us! Her poems are a must read!
Life Through the Lens- Paul~A phenomenal photographer and to him it's just a hobby! He sees life through rose-colored glasses, takes a picture of it, and then shares it with you! His vision is amazingly beautiful. A real talent.
Mamacita~A veritable testimony to teaching while spilling over a bit into her family. She tells it like it is in all factions of her life. Kind hearted and genuine.
Michele~Gracious, kind, inviting, true, safe and real. I could go on...and on...and on. She is one of a kind.
Mom With Attitude -Michelle~Emotionally motivated, strong, honest, real, and pulls out all the stops. She tells it like it is, and if you don't like it leave. She's funny, compassionate, and full of conviction. No fuss, no muss, just keepin' it all in perspective.
Mommy Matters~Christine~Caring, sweet, perceptive, and captivating. From her obsession of the Titanic to the love of her daughter to the irritations of her move ..again...she will open her world to you and respond personally with the same respect to any who care to enter and share it with her.
Mrs Darling- A kind and generous soul with a passionate love for all things in her life, especially her children. Stoic, and refined. Stop to read the going's on in Neverland.
Mrs. Mogul- Lisa~She once described me as "Her biggest fan, without the stalking part." She is witty, worldly, smart, funny, exhuberant and talented. Her stories spread the gamet between the underworld and ultimate peace. She will have you on the floor laughing, or running to the bathroom for fear of peeing your pants. She has accomplished more in her career at 30 something than most do in a lifetime. She too, lives over the pond, but is a East Coaster at heart. A true testiment to story telling real and surreal ;0)
Muzik Dude- John~Funny, sensitive, perceptive and gifted writer...though not self proclaimed. His stories will leaving you laughing, crying or both on any given day.
Nat ~A wealth of information for all things musical. It is absolutely incredible, the amount of stuff she knows about bands, songs, singers, producers etc. Always fun, always resourceful and always kind in return. Complete and utter fun and her place.
Old Horsetail Snake~ Hoss ~Charming, witty, slyly opinionated, and clever. He is a great read, a phenomenal writer and a great for your ego! This mans antics, however true or false they may be, will always bowl you over and keep you on your toes at the same time ;0) One of my very favs!
OutsideIn-Vickie~ One of my newest friends. I've only read her once but I do know she is well read, a gifted writer and likes me anyway ;0) She loves art, is caring, warm and intelligent. I can't wait to get to know her better.
Panthergirl- Tenacious, cognizant, and retrospective. She is an admirable strength in this thing we call life. She has risen above the hardships of a overbearing mother and shares story after story, picture after picture, in a compelling and healing light.
Petroville- Momma K~ Kind, thoughtful and fun loving. Her dry-witted and sarcastic sense of humor will have you in stitches. She always has reality review, opion poll, meme , or just a humorous family event past or present ready and waiting. I don't think the girl ever sleeps. She is also a great friend and one of my Fairy Blog Mother's. Love you Momma!
Purple Goddess- Chasmyn~Another fellow purple lover and pregnant momma. Honest and kind, she shares in the bitersweet loss of her first baby and soon to be birth of her second. A compelling and intricate course through the good and the bad her life has had to offer.
Short and Sweet -Cori~Quick witted, funny, real, inspiring, and dedicated. Her day to day struggles with weight loss, her love for her kids, the trials, tribulations, and successes of both are what drew me to her. She's keepin' in real.
SS's Wife~Amusing, passionate and sarcastic. She is a marine's wife and this is her life. She writes about the good the bad and the ugly of being part of a military family. She is funny and compassionate and a preacher! You'll never know what's coming next ;0) Her daughter is also a very talented writer!
Sugarfused- Deb~ Insightful, perceptive, imaginative, beautiful...these words don't even begin to describe Deb. She is a visionary in the world of photography. Her photos rival those of Georgia O'Keefe. She is a sensitive and caring mom and grandma who loves her family, her job and her "hobby" of photography. I think she's in the wrong business. Keep it up Deb!
The Daily Bitch- aka Monty~ Hilarious, sarcastically funny and sagacious. She is a idyllic single mom who knows what she wants in life, and isn't to proud to let you know. Her often, comedic writings of her daily life will have you busting a gut in 2 seconds flat. A must read!
The Odd Wife~ Soulful, provacative and bold. She tells you like is, like it or not. No frills, genuine, the real thing.
The Road to Crazyville-Tinkamarink~ Cori~Honest, forthcoming, creative, tenacious, and sassy. She is a young strong SAHM with a whole lotta craziness thrown into her life. She's positive even when she doesn't want to be, loving when she feels she can't, and someone I would consider a testament to friendship if we were in real life. Friends that is. She is truly someone to admire..send her some linkin' love!
The Shoehound- Bari~ Tenacious, determined, honest, spunky and a phenomenal teacher. And she loves shoes! She's been dealt a raw deal and come through it sparkling clean!! She is real and gracious and giving, even when she doesn't need to be. A rule follower and a dog lover and a Troll hater. Go visit!!
The Square Slant~ Witty, refined, cultured, genteel...I want to be just like her when I grow up. Married at 20 to an older man...wise beyond her years. A true old soul.
Thumper Thinks Outloud~ A wise, wascawy wabbit...talented author, savvy, sarcastic and funny. Loves cats and her Spousy Thingy. Where else can you see a rabbit driving a convertable?
ToWhom It May Concern- Cara~Innovative, observant, clever, creative, and passionate when it comes to things she cares about. She wrote aboutTraditonal Chinese Bun Grabbing for pete's sake...what's not to like ? ;0)
True Blue 4 Ever- Elle Elle's posts. She sees beyond the facade into the real heart of a person. I like that.Compassionate, ingenuous, understanding, loving. These are just a few things that come to mind when reading
True Jersey Girl~ Fun, loving, creative, kind. Love the Ya-ya hats, love her hair strait or curly, love her Idol reviews, love her political views, love her taste in music. Love her!!
Vegemiterules~Expressive, understanding, compassionate, loving, and kind. I've only known her a little while, but this is what I feel from her posts and her comments around the blogosphere. Can't wait to read more!

Now, I'm going to go sleep for two days. Have a great weekend!!!

Update: Some of my buddies accidently disappeared..I think I've rewritten them all, but if you visit and I have somehow missed you...let me know and I'll post it ASAP..please know it wasn't intentional!! Thanks!

Bliggity, Bloggity, Bloooooo......

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"Blog" did you know the word was shortened from Weblog...which is pronounced we-blog...not web-blog? I didn't. Still doesn't explain the word blog itself. Whatever, just another trivial bit of information I felt compelled to share ;0)

I've read several Posts of late, where questions were asked about how you answer comments, how you feel about site counters, has it ever been a source of negativity in your personal life, why you blog, for yourself, for your family, to bitch, to share etc. So I thought I would share my thoughts on this subject here. So all of you could "get me" without having to wonder.

Don't you hate not knowing something? Wouldn't you rather have it out in the open so you can deal with it? Oooops..tangent sorry..but this does apply to blogging too.

I am a nice person. And apparently some of you like me because I keep getting these cool things called comments. How to return the favor? Go back and visit...or answer in the comment section or email? I think I like email and return visits best. I'm still playing around with the email thing so if I don't answer you every time, please don't be offended. It's a lot of work don't you think? And if I don't come by everyday or my visits seem sporadic, it's not because I don't want to, it's because I read all of those loverlys on my Blogroll everyday. Or at least try to...lately it's been a game of catch up. And I DO read everything from the days I've missed..

I lurk at some but not usually for long because I can't not comment! I find what I like to read through your blogrolls generally. We all seem to like the same things. Once in a while I'll happen upon something through another means. The Blogette Awards is a good example. 63 Days was getting a lot of votes and so I popped in to see what all of the hub-bub was about. Now I know why. It was compelling, and sad, and funny all at the same time.

I read each of you for a different reason. And my newest addition found me a couple of days ago. Elle at True Blue came to me because of comments I was leaving around the blogosphere. How cool is that? I personally think that is one of the biggest compliments you can receive in this here world of Virtuality.

I think we need to remember that these are relationships we are developing here, however, surreal, with very real people on the other end. I am a talkative type person. I don't hold much in and I don't hold grudges. I don't always think before I speak and this blogging thing really helps me sort out my thoughts and feelings. They are real. I am not unkind and do not expect you to be either. My bloggie buddy Bari has had her share of nastiness from the real leaking into the surreal and it's kept her from being herself. Some of it had leaked into this space, anonymously of course...I have been accused of being a "Know It All" and a "Copy Cat" both of which are unfounded . At least in my opinion. Because I don't know it all, which is why I ask for your help and whatever I have "copied" I've asked permission and given credit to. I don't have time to lend credence to such crap because there are too many other great people out there who deserve my attention.

So, other than that what's not to like ;0) LOL!

Seriously though, I welcome criticism, but be kind. After all, what would the world be like if we all thought the same way? I don't get on my soapbox much...but when I do..watch out! Especially when it comes to kids. If I know about anything it's kids, how to teach them, how to reach them. I am a true Libra and on the libral side of conservatism or on the conservative side of liberalism..however you choose to look at it ;) I like living in my bubble where everyone is nice and considerate until it's time not to be. Roadhouse anyone?

If you ever want to know anything about me..shoot me an email..I'll be happy to share, except maybe the personal details about my family..with respect to my husband. He's worried about stalkers and psychos and unfortunately in this world today that's a very real concern.

I will never share info you give me with anyone else without your permission. It's none of my business and no one else's either.

So now that we've got that all cleared up... How the heck do you put those little picture links in your side bar? I have one from the Complimenting Complimenter, Muzik Dude and Mr. Mogul and no idea how to get them there???!!!

Does anyone know how to post wave files? Help!!

Thanks again for all of your help and I have designated tomorrow and Saturday "Compliment Your Blogroll Day" Copy your blogroll into a post and write one or two nice things about each blog and/or person who writes it. Challenging? You bet! Think about Michele ;0)

Happy Thursday Folkies!!

Bunch of Stuff

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Did you know I'm psycho...I mean psychic? Bo is going to win American Idol. I love Carrie and she will go on to make her country album...and hopefully not slut up like Britney...to innocent for that me thinks. So have no fear Idol buddies!!


J-man #2 asked to poop in the potty!! First time in two weeks!!! He's watching Bear in the Big Blue house's Potty video as we speak..or type I guess in this case and it's actually me typing not you but you get the idea ;0)

He also has pink eye in both eyes today and they are purple and swollen. Favorite color, but not in my child's eyes.


Thanks to everyone for all of your input on my new site name... I'm working on it!!! I agree it has to fit me and it has to be purple! You all put forth a ton of ideas that hadn't even crossed my mind! More to come ;0)


I need to catch up on everyone's going's on in the past few days. I've had a migraine for two days and I've been taking care of a baby with double ear infections...so I haven't done a lot of reading. I promise I haven't forgotten you...I just need to sit and catch up;0)

In the infamous words of Ol' Hoss, "This is why I always vote against illness."

I have some blogging questions, but I will save that for tomorrow. Off to visit now! Have a great Hump Day!

End of an Era...

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End of an Era... That is how one of my best friends, Jill, described the sale of my parents house yesterday. They bought this house, the house I grew up in, for $99,000 back in 1980. It sits on a 1/4 acre of land, backs to woods, has 3 full baths, 4 bedrooms, a deck on the back (that I helped build),is close to the train and metro buses and is 17 miles from the Pentagon, give or take 2 hours for traffic ;0) Our family of 5 had many good times in that house.

It started with rust colored shag carpet, moved to green and then once we moved out, hard wood floors. My Dad tiled the basement, and put in redwood moulding and re-bricked the fireplace. He sectioned off the back 1/4 of the two car gargage and made a craft type room and storage area that always remained locked. Not because we weren't allowed in there, but because it contained all his tools, photography equipment and moms silver. Some dead bodies and millions of dollars..no just kidding... but we always used to pretend that there was secret treasures and untold fortune inside that small locked room.

This was the room that got me when I went back to say goodbye last week. I walked through the house and saw all the things my Dad has been so busy fixing up and it was when I was getting in my van to leave he said "Hey, come here I want to show you something." I walked through the almost empty garage and he opened the secret door. There was nothing but empty shelves inside and it was a lot smaller than I remember. I had to choke back the tears. It was the weirdest thing.

Growing up a military brat, we moved several times, 6 to be exact before I was 13 and finally settled in this house. I was in 7th grade, there were 8 houses on my street and the rest of my neighborhood was dirt. The road that connected my best friend and I (where her parents still live) was only half paved and woods ran along either side. Now there are several shopping centers, literally hundreds of homes, a bowling alley and two pools, that have popped up in that 2 mile stretch. They've even re-routed the road in the past 5 years to accommodate for the excessive traffic that now flows through there. Crazy.

If I've learned anything from my moving experiences, it it that you can't look back. Don't focus on what you've left but what new adventures lie ahead. And with these thoughts come my parents buying a bigger house twice as big actually with 5x's the land 20 minutes closer to us and their grandchildren. My brother is now only an hour away instead of 2 and they have plenty of space to have Christmas at their house again. I can't wait ;0)

They sold their house in a day and half.....for 5 and 1/2 times what they paid for it 25 years ago.

Back to Normal

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Well I had a great weekend lounging by the pool, drinking Margaritas, and eating oreos. Yes, I did do all three at once! The pool was mind numbingly cold, so I only got me feet wet, but the sun was hot and I managed not to burn myself. Tan fat is better than white fat right?

Of course putting my body in the throws of indulgence I had some pretty weird dreams. I woke up yesterday with a poem in my head. So, I wrote it down and went back to sleep. I don't write poetry, but they say if you try to be creative it usually doesn't work as well as letting it flow naturally. I don't know...you can tell me what you think. Here it is...

Friends and Shoes

Do you ever wonder why some people never stay?
They leave their footprints on your heart
and then they walk away?
Why others imprint themselves on your life
and give everything to you?
They'll give you the clothes off their back,
and only leave one shoe?
Because then there is a connection,
A commonality.
A perfect pair
A perfect match
Two shoes.
You and me.

Happy Monday everyone.

Help! ~ Revisited

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I'm running away!! I'm going out for a girly-girls weekend to a cool house on the Rappahannock River! So I won't be blogging from the pool. Sorry ...I know you're devastated, but cheer up! I'll be back in a few very short days. And I'm so sure they will be not long enough! So I leave you loverly blogmates with my earlier request and the nomination for the best short joke of the year. Happy Weekend all!!!


...A three-year-old boy was examining his testicles while taking a bath.
Mum, he asked, "are these my brains?"
"Not yet," she replied.

I'm searching for newness! I'm getting a makeover here soon and I'm thinking of changing my name. When all of this blogging thing started, I had no idea what I was doing. My dear friend Momma K put on my training wheels, read me the rules and sent me on my merry little way. Well, I've gotten a lot of ideas from her and a few others in the blogosphere and now I'm ready to set out on my own. Everyone seeks originalitly and some are better than others. I just needed a jumpstart! Now that I know what this world is all about...I need to unbreak some rules.

My life is purple. My house, my clothes, and my kids when I can get away with it ;0) So, it has to be purple. Purple Goddess is taken, The Color Purple as well.

What do you think of the name above? What themes would you suggest to go along with it? Any and all suggestions are welcome ;0)


All Your Questions Answered Here!

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Several of you have asked to see the things I've done in my own home. You were curious as to where I lived and what my innards looked like? Okay you asked for it! (For Square Slant) THIS is where I live. It's a cozy, modest little place I like to call home. In the foothills...literally. We are surrounded by dirt. Hard to imagine million dollar horse farms around us isn't it? I told you we were do-it-yourselfer's! We purchased this trailer from a very nice family in WV... actually it was abandoned and we decided to refurbish. I've always wanted a log home so I figured why not? Chopped down some local national forest and Voila! Instant log home! So, what do you think? ;0)

Actually...this really is someone's home...just not mine. It's in the foothills of Jerome, Arizona. We spotted it on our way back to Sedona. I couldn't believe it when I saw it myself ;0)

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Actually...THIS is my house ;0)

It's purple right? Well, this one isn't really mine either. This house is 2 up from mine. My friend Dee, an artist, lives here. Every room inside is some shade of purple. My dream home ;0)

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No, really, THIS is my house. For real. See our make-shift front step? This house used to be faded yellow with faded green shutters. It had two HUGE crapemyrtle trees right at the bend in the walkway...where it turns to go to the driveway...right in front of the door!! I couldn't see out my front door and it drove me insane!!! Now it's this loverly gray with dark purple shutters. I want to paint the front door purple too...having a bit of trouble convincing the powers that be of that one...we'll see.

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This is the view down my street...one of the Dad's built the half-pipe for the kids to use...there are usually long-horn cattle out beyond the fence at the end. I told you I lived in Po-dunkdom!

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This is the view out my front door...usually there are donkey's and cows out beyond that fence.

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This is my kitchen...the tile is painted on and the lamp is new. The floor is the same and the hole in the ceiling has been there since we moved in...it's leak we can't find from the bathroom upstairs and doesn't happen all the time. We'll fix it when we redo the master bath. I have another poem called "In This Kitchen" to go above the cabinets. That's next ;0)

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This is my family room. As you can see the hubs fixed the table ...the mantel is done with the exception of wrought iron supports underneath...but my Dad built the whole thing and installed all the tile for the hearth and surrounding bits. The poem goes all the way around the living room and was stenciled and painted in about a month. This room used to have zig-zag wall paper from about mid-way up the wall to the ceiling with brownish wainscoating and hunter green chair rail...I so wish I took before pictures!! The window to the left also used to be a full size window but it made the fireplace look off set between the window and door so we put in a long skinny one instead and built up the wall between it and the fireplace. They covered the space on the outside when we replaced the siding.

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This is the mural I've started in the front hallway...this view is right when you walk in the front door. Above the stairway is painted blue for another "planned" mural. I'll get to it someday ;0)

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This is the downstairs bathroom...4 shades of red before we finally got it right. I did this ENTIRE redo by myself ;0) With a little help from the hubs reconnecting plumbing etc and laying the linoleum. And that's it for now! More updates to come as we finish them. Might be another 4 years ...but we'll get there. Thanks for visiting!

Time? Who Needs it..it's all relative right?

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I am a pretty laid back person. Time, while important, does not mean much to me. Let me preface this by saying, I do not like to be late, I like to be on time for other's sakes, and I don't mind waiting a reasonable amount of time for others especially if I know they are chronically late but other than that who cares? I don't wear a watch...I have exactly 3 time measurers in my home. A clock on my stove, a clock on my microwave and an alarm clock that rests on my husband's nightstand because he needs to get up at o-dark-thirty to go to work. When I do use an alarm clock...I set it 1/2 hour early so I can get the illusion of staying in bed for that extra 5 minutes... over and over again ;0)

Usually I wake up naturally or someone "helps" me wake up by standing at the side of my bed staring at me or whispering "Mommy...are you awake?...MOOOOMMMM, I want breakfast. Mooommmmy....." You get the idea.

I celebrate birthday's, but whether I'm 28 or 38 it really doesn't matter...I like to live every day like it's my last. I want to appreciate everything I have, every moment of my life, my kids lives, my parent's lives. It's just not worth worrying what if? I'm more of a "focus on the positive"type person.

Similarly, I am often teased by my husband and friends because to me...it's 20 minutes to anywhere and everywhere.

"How far is D.C. from here?"
"Oh 20 minutes give or take 20 depending on traffic."
"How far is Fairfax?"
"20 minutes if you drive really fast and take all the short cuts."
"What time is it? "
"It's almost 3 o'clock."
"It's...you guessed it..20 minutes after 2..or til 3 give or take" ;0)

It's a response that comes out of my mouth before I even have a chance to think about it. 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 40 minutes an hour. Who cares as long as you leave early enough right?

So, imagine my surprise when J-man #1 announces:

"Mom, I'm six now. That means I'm almost 10!"

He had to get it from somewhere ;0)

Home Parties...Hate 'em!

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Know why? Because I seem to have $ burning a hole in my pocket even when there's nothing there!! It's an illuuuuuusion. But for some reason I always find myself going to them...or at least being invited constantly. I've learned not to go if I don't need anything...for example..Southern Living. I didn't go...and I bought $100 worth of decorative crap! I needed the wrought iron trays to set a 9x9 pan in AND the 9x13 one as well. I also had to have the wrought iron hooks to hang on the imaginary wall space I have in the hallway in the hopes that my children will hang their coats, book bags, leashes...etc. on them. Yeah, whatever.

And then there's Pampered Chef, because you know I need an eight inch pizza cutter...we don't eat pizza and when we do it's from Anthony's and already cut...you know a knife just isn't good enough!

And let's see...oh...Creative Memories... now there's a hole waiting for me to just throw my $ into. I have probably...let's see ...six, no, seven scrapbooks sitting upstairs with every gizmo, gadget and deely-bopper available waiting for my memories to appear as if by magic...power layouts, cropping classes, paper and stickers flying everywhere!!! Did I mention I have two very young boys?? Who LOVE to cut, color and stick? Hmmm...well...me thinks you know where that's heading. But I had to have it!

Party Lite...candles...everyone needs 'em right? They smell good...burn away to nothing...then you buy more at $27 a pop. Better yet, buy some really pretty glass holders to put them in.. and I will put them where in my loverly home? Did I mention I have 2 small highly creative, loud, rambunctious boys? They'll last a while, I'm certain of it. Well here's what J-Man #2 thinks of my candles. Obviously, I didn't buy enough for him..or is it that I have too many?

Money burning holes...fires in my pockets needing to be put out I tell ya. AND THEN, if you're really special, you too can have a party in your very own home!!! Where you put lots of undue stress on yourself by inviting everyone you've ever known, cleaning massively, buying lots of food, and sitting waiting patiently for 3 people to show up. Sound like fun to you? Give me a damn catalog...I'll give you my $100 and YOU can stress over it!

P.S. I love the fact that you all completely justified me feeding my kids cookies and crap for dinner.. Thanks!

Happy Mother's Day!

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J-man #1 came home with "A Special Cookbook for Mom" Friday and it contained recipes as dictated by all the kids in his class and answers to 5 special questions about us Mom's. I just DIED LAUGHING! It's so incredibly cute I have to share.

M&M Cookies

1. Put 3 dumps of cinnamon in a big white mixer bowl.
2. Add only 2 eggs and a big skinny block of butter.
3. Put 5 pieces of dough in the bowl.
4. Put 13 M&M's in the bowl-but not the nut ones!
5. Mix it.
6. Put the dough on the tray.
7. Put in an oven that is hot as lava and bake for 13 minutes.
8. Then you can take to school!

Q: How old was your mother when she had her first boyfriend?
A: I don't think she had a boyfriend -but she has a brother!

Q: Where's our Mom's favorite place to shop?
A: Everywhere

Q: How does your Mom relax?
A: Watch t.v. then rest a little bit.

Q: If your Mom went to Kindergarten again-what would be her favorite activity?
A: Be the teacher's helper

Q: Why do you love your Mom?
A: Because she makes nice things and gives me birthday presents like cowboy boots!

Ain't he the bestest?!

Hope you all are celebrating with the special Mom's in your life today! Have a great one!

I'm a Bad Mom..again

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I just fed my kids, fruit snacks, oreos and cheese sticks for dinner.

Some People...

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...really piss me off! For various reasons, but today is a biggie.

We live a modest lifestyle. I, my husband, nor have my children ever gone without something we've needed. I am extremely blessed that I do not "have" to work, my kids are involved in several activities and we can still go out to eat once in a while. We do a lot of work around here ourselves. Around these here parts it's know as "The W squared Way" for do it yourself projects. A monikker, I've come to admire.

Thus far, in the 4 years we've lived in this house, we have replaced all of the upstairs carpet, re-done both boys rooms, the upstairs bathroom, all the fixtures and painted the downstairs bathroom, painted the living room, built an entirely new fireplace mantel and hearth, replaced all 29 windows and the front door, replaced all the wood on the exterior of the house, put up new siding, fixed the effin' pool twice going on number 3, landscaped the front yard, put up a fence AND we are about to replace our front stoop and walkway. All by our little ol' selves.

Occasionally, I will find a bag of clothes on my front step from parts unknown. I am grateful that my kids have a buttload of clothing and I rarely have to buy anything. There are several older boys in the neighborhood and if I can't use them, I always find someone who can.

BUT this is not an open invitation to drop your CRAP on my doorstep! Do not leave your broken shit in my yard! Pick up your freakin' dog poop especially when I'm standing in the window watching you!

I have some how acquired pj's for girls I HAVE 2 BOYS!, zipper pant bottoms minus the pants, one soccer cleat, shirts with holes in them, shirts with stains on them, dirty clothes, pants with holes in the knees, a rusty, purple girl's bicycle (did I mention that I HAVE 2 BOYS!) that was left out all winter in the same damn spot to rot, and an old baby pool without the drainage plug.

For what? Does my house have a Salvation Army sign posted somewhere I don't know about? Who do you think you are dropping your shit, and it is shit, at my door? And you know something else? I take it back, this crap isn't even good enough to drop at Salvation Army. It belongs in the dumpster! If you're too effin' lazy to drag your ass to the dump yourselves, the least you could do is ask me to do it for you!

I chose to make the sacrifices I have in my life for my family. And while it's nice to think of me when your kids grow out of stuff or aren't using it anymore, that's great. But nobody likes garbage, leftovers or laziness...show a little respect...for yourselves.

Some people...

Facts About Chocolate

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Chocolate is derived from cocoa beans. A bean is a vegetable.

Sugar is derived from either sugar cane or sugar beets.

Both are plants, which places them in the vegetable category.

Thus, chocolate is a vegetable.

To go one step further, chocolate candy bars also contain milk, which is dairy.

So candy bars are a health food.

Chocolate-covered raisins, cherries, orange slices & strawberries all count as fruit, so eat as many as you want.

Another important thing is to put "eat chocolate" at the top of your list of things to do today.

That way, at least you'll get one thing done.

Before I forget, a nice box of chocolates can provide your total daily intake of calories in one place.

Now, isn't that handy?

What if?

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I've been thinkin' ...scary I know... what if there was a way to determine human potential based on certain demographics such as geographical location and household income. I watched this the other night and apparently there is a mathematical theorum or algorithm that can predict baseball averages and it was then applied to determining human potential. Of course, someone was killed for it and that was the plot for the show. I'm not certain that such a beast even truly exists...after all it is a t.v. show...however, what if it did?

Now, I'm generally not politically minded. I live my life vicariously through the experience of others. I am a bit ecclectic in my beliefs and convictions. Blame it on the Libra in me, but one thing I do know is kids.

Now, say you have this mathematical algorithm that can be applied to babies as soon as they are born, based on their parents demographics. Race, geographical location, income level etc. etc. And put all of these tid-bits of information into this theoretical equation and you have PRESTO your success ratio and potential all figured out. What your probability for job choice will be, earning potential, and status ratios. All figured out with this handy little bunch of numbers.

The object being governing agencies would know how and where to invest their monies, which school's to fund, what kids to focus on, give scholarships to, mold...if you will.


Another good reason why we need separation of church and state. Why moral and ethics don't mix with politics and power. Why we need organizations such as Amnesty International and school system's that do not promote tracking and do not give every child in the worst possible situatitons a chance to succeed.

What if it were you? Your children? What would you do?

What if?

It's Happening!

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I started babysitting the world's sweetest little girl yesterday. And aside from asking "Where's her penis?" J-man #2 has taken the new addition pretty well. In fact he announced...

"I'm not a baby, I'm a big boy...where are my pull-ups?" and peed and pooped for the first time in the toilet!!!

We'll see how long the novelty lasts ;0)

Crazy Monday-Off you Go!

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It's Send You People to Other Newbee's Blogs Day! I've joined the circus!

Well, not really the circus. A Carnival is more like it.

Melenama has been gracious enough to host the Showcase Carnival this week and I am featured in it! I hope. If I read the directions right and didn't skip anything and pinged all the right people, I'm there. So go see! And spread the word and go visit everyone else there too! Okay?

Thanks, you're a peach, or an apple, or whatever fruit you would like to be. You get the idea...but be happy campers regardless and have a great visit.

Hope you all had a good weekend.

What the hell is a MEME anyway?

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I'm not sure exactly BUT I've been tagged with this one...thanks Bari! Okay...here's the deal...I answer five of the following and tag 3 more...eenie-meenie-miny-mo! Tree is base and here I go!

What follows is a list of different occupations. You must select at least five of them. You may add more if you like to your list before you pass it on (after you select five of the items as it was passed to you). Of the five you selected, you are to finish each phrase with what you would do as a member of that profession. Then pass it on to three other bloggers.

Here's that list:( modified a bit from Bari's, I think it's True Jersey Girls)

If I could be a scientist... If I could be a farmer...
If I could be a musician... If I could be a doctor...
If I could be a painter... If I could be a gardener...
If I could be a missionary... If I could be a chef...
If I could be an architect... If I could be a linguist...
If I could be a psychologist... If I could be a librarian...
If I could be an athlete... If I could be a lawyer...
If I could be an innkeeper... If I could be a professor...
If I could be a writer... If I could be a backup dancer...
If I could be a llama-rider... If I could be a bonnie pirate...
If I could be a midget stripper... If I could be a proctologist...
If I could be a TV-Chat Show host... If I could be an actor...
If I could be a judge... If I could be a Jedi...
If I could be a mob boss...If I could be a backup singer...
If I could be a CEO...If I could be a movie reviewer...
If I could be a monkey's uncle... If I could be a CSI...

Here are my picks...

1. If I could be a painter...oh wait. I am a painter. Does this count? .... I would know what the hell I was actually doing. I'm workin' on it okay?

2. If I could be an architect I would design a house with a ton of secret rooms and passage ways so that I could find hidden things like treasure and dead bodies then

3. If I could be a writer, I would write about the house that was built with all the secret rooms and passage ways and clues to where the treasure and dead bodies were hidden. Of course, they would just be random dead bodies because I don't believe in killing people but

4. If I could be a CSI then I would know how to look for clues in this hugemongous random house that was build by an eccentric weirdo that other psycho killers hid dead bodies and treasures in.

5. If I could be a psychologist, I would lock up the eccentric weirdo who built this strange hugemongous house that gave way to the possibilities that there were dead bodies and treasure hidden inside because ...who thinks like this???

I watch to much t.v.

TAG! Old Horsetail Snake, Thumper and Mrs. Mogul You're it!!

And of course I invite all who would like to play along to join in the fun!

So much for no blogging on my busy weekend.....