Following in His Footsteps

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My love for country music has dwindled a bit in the past 10 husband's, however, has grown. He makes me listen to all of the S.A.C. song (sappy ass country songs) as I like to call them ..and I cry. Every damn time..I cry. Tim McGraw's Live Like You Were Dyin' and Martina Mc Bride's Independence Day are a couple off the top of my head. I do, however, like the up beat ones by artists like Alabama, Brookes and Dunn, and Kenny Chesney. One of my favorites is Jo Dee Messina's My Give-a-Damn's Busted. It is this song that my husband reiterated this conversation with J-man to me....

J-man and Dad are jammin' to the radio...

(*Well let me get this straight now)
Your therapist saidIt was all just a phase
A product of the prozac
And your co-dependent ways
So uhh ... who's your new neighbor these days
My give a .....volume gets turned way down.

"Dad "
"Yeah bud?"
"Why did you turn the radio down?"
"Uhhh..because the song had a bad word in it?'
"Which one?"

*insert cricket chirp here*

heh...heh..heh.... ;0)

Have a fantastic fourth of July everyone!!!

Don't hold onto the fireworks that are already lit! ;0) Be back on Wed for the whole month of July..I promise!!

Country Music and Red Trucks

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Most of the boys I dated growing up were taller than me, bigger than me, football player types. I stand 5' 10" tall and have always had a "thing" for men taller than me... So when my friend Ursula hooked me up with a guy who loved Country music and had a red truck...this is all we had in common. He was exactly the same height as I was, lean medium build...a mere 150 lbs to my 165 and very different than anyone I had ever dated. We went to the movies and saw Sleepless in Seattle and sat in the car afterwards talking about our ex's for our first date. He kissed me goodnight at the door and that was that for another week. Our next date consisted of a country fair and lots of rides and junk food. He paid attention. On our first date, I had told him that the guy I would marry was going to be able to pick my ass up and carry me across the threshold. The second I stepped out of the truck, he picked me up effortlessly and carried me to the carnival entrance.


Well as we got to know each other better we found we had more and more in common...or less and less depending on how you looked at it. We both loved country music, had red trucks, going out to eat, cooking at home, driving in the country, talking, had similar views on raising kids, believed marriage was forever and had similar work ethics. I, however, was more liberal in my views, Catholic, grew up in a military family, went to college and was in grad school, both parents had college educations, liked to watch movies, tv, and play video games, go shopping, walk around the city, love the pool and the ocean, can swim like a fish, love being with people, grew up in suburbia with tons of friends and never met a stranger. I talk about everything, have a ton of patience (except for the dreaded PMS days) and can sit for hours with a glass of wine and a book and be completely entertained.

He, grew up on a dairy farm in rural WV with his mom and sister, spent his time driving the strip, was engaged at 19, had only finished a year and 1/2 of college and had moved up to NOVA to get a job, couldn't swim, hated television, hated crowds, could live in a cabin in the woods with no people for the rest of his life and never miss it, was Methodist/Baptist, very conservative in his views and not terribly sure if he wanted kids or not. He lost his father at 14 and new very little of his family background. He hates to read for pleasure. He doesn't know the meaning of the word "relax". He loves all kinds of music and silly videos. He can't sit still without falling asleep.

Guess who proposed on the ferry from Cape Hatteras to Ocracoke despite our differences? Guess who is the most fantastic husband, father, friend, companion, lover, giver, philanthrapist and provider? He has the biggest heart, would do anything for me, his children, his family and friends. He hangs with people he doesn't like, goes places he doesn't want to go and does things he doesn't want to do because they are important to me.

This weekend is one of those times. It will be all about sitting around, playing in the pool, reading, eating and doing nothing. All things he cannot do for extended periods of time. All things he's doing because I asked him to. All things he's doing simply because he loves me. And I love him for it. Thank you honey, for all you do, especially for these times.

D.C. or Should I Say The Tropics?

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Can you say "Hot." Can you say "DAMN HOT!" Hot and humid at the National Zoo yesterday peeps. BUT it was one of the most glorious days anyone could ask for know why? I met one of the loveliest ladies in the blogosphere (note I said "one" there are of course many more of you out there *wink*) yesterday and her gorgeous-brilliant-curly-haired-chubby-cheeked children!!

I am, of course talking about the eloquent and loverly Raehan and her daughters Rachel and Hannah and her MIL, Grandma Betty. She, Raehan, is every bit as sweet, nice, intelligent and forthcoming as she is out here in the blogosphere. She was calm, cool and collected whilst chasing her baby around the monkey house, and pushing my six year old whiney boy in her stroller, which by the way, neither one of her girls wanted to ride in ;0)

We had about 60 broken conversations, it was 100 degrees and threatening to rain, and we totalled 5 adults and 8 kids! She took it all in stride. Rachel is a brilliant 4 year old who has a purple tiger purse that I'm totally jealous of and wants to write me a letter on the computer. She counted for me, told me where every relative she knows lives and has a smile that's to die for. She looks just like her Mom and is every bit as sharp! Hannah is cute as a button and we made fast friends. She let me carry her everywhere AND push her in my stroller ;0) She's got the chubbiest-squeezable cheeks you've ever seen and is a real spitfire. Raehan wasn't kidding when she said she climbs everything. She loved the turtles.

How do I know this you ask? Because when we were visiting the turtles she pointed at them and said "TURTLE!" and when we visited the elephants she pointed at them and said "TURTLE!" and when we visited the gorrillas she pointed at them and said "TURTLE!" and ... she was too cute! She also liked J-man and they shared her stroller quite a bit ;0)

Momma K, her girls, her two step sons and her mom, Unga Chunga also were part of this group. You all know, she is my fairy blog-mother and her youngest and my oldest go to school together. I spent some quality time with the effervescent Unga on the drive up and I got to know her even better. It's easy to see where Momma K gets her spunk and vivaciousness from! She told me stories, we talked blog speak and we both lost our voices being sickies together! She writes from her heart and tells wonderful tales about her life and family. Stop by and visit her at Act 4 if you don't already go there. You won't be sorry.

My favorite part of the whole day was at the very end when we all sat down to eat chocolate ice cream. Remember I told you how hot it was? Chocolate Ice Cream + heat + small children= big funny mess ;0) I would do it again in a heartbeat...although I would have a few others join us next time *wink*.
We missed you Angie and Meredith!!

It was truly like enjoying a day with an old friend, or a new one in this case. I guess we really are "for real" friends now. I felt like we've known her forever, and in a way we really did. Whoever says friendships don't exist here in blogland...they're wrong. ++++++++ for a few more things...the purple streak and a partial picture of me too you lucky dogs...courtesy of Momma K's sneaky picture taking techniques.
Me with a dorky look on my face...and purple!

and there you have it!!! Oh and in case you didn't know...aka_Monty and Momma K are asking for you to create you own blog super hero. It was this weekend but I'm sure they would still love to hear from you!

Here's Mine...Surprised? Not So Much ;0)

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Purple Painter Girl

In a mess of color? Want to change your look? Can't figure out what to do with Princesses room? Depressed? Tired? Hungry? Confused? No worries, call Purple Painter Girl and she'll come and tastefully redesign your home in varying shades of plumness. No decisions necessary. No thinking required. No brain power needed. Just calm passionate purple bliss to calm the jitteriness nerves, the sleepiest of bodies and the royalist of pains. I'm your girl!

I'm Off Once Again

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First~ Does anyone know why I'm down here??? I posted yesterday and endedup pushing my post column down here...I don't have the brainpower at the moment to fix anyone has any ideas, they would be greatly appreciated.
I just ordered Muses Like Moonlight and The Jim and Dan Stories by Colleen Redman. She's the coolest. Go visit her at Loose Leaf Notes.
I get my hair done this weekend!!! FINALLY! There has got to be a rule somewhere saying that your salon has to be within 1/2 hour drive...right? Mine's in PA. 4 hours from here. Hey, it took me 35 years to let someone else cut my hair...I'm stickin' with her! I may come back with a purple streak who knows ;0)

We're also headed to the Crayola Factory and The Kutztown Festival. Hopefully J-man #2 will be better. He woke up with a croupy cough this morning. Figures. We're going to need a vacation from our vacation.

I'll be checking in with everyone, but Beth has dial-up and it's slow goin' up there. So if I don't post again until'll know why!

Have a great weekend everyone!

What If? Stream of Consciousness...

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Do you ever wonder what would have happened if? If one thing in your life went the other way. If I hadn't forgotten my coat at my boyfriend's house the night of the car would be me in a coffin instead of 40 year old man of 3 that was 3 minutes ahead of us. If my Dad had bought the house next door to us instead of the one they just sold. If I had stayed with my ex-boyfriend despite his cheating. If learned to say "no" earlier in life. If I had broken a bone. If the wave that dragged me under kept me there. If I really considered my best friend a bitch the first time we met and didn't give her a second chance. If I knew about my brother's boyscout leader. If I had said "No" when my husband asked me to marry him. If I really left when he was having issues with me being pregnant. If I wasn't as patient a person. If I didn't let things roll off my back. If I ditched my friends when they really needed me.....if...if ...if...

If it doesn't kill you, it definately makes you stronger and I know one thing for sure.....If my husband's father hadn't passed away when he was 14, he wouldn't have left WV and I wouldn't have met him and I wouldn't have the two beautiful boys I have today. And in the past week I have seen both of my babies grow so much in so many ways, if I didn't have that...I think it would kill me.


J-man has, in two swim lessons, overcome his fear of being under water and stopped plugging his nose and learned to swim on top of the water. He's reading on a second grade level and is a total Math whiz and EXCITED about it!

J-man #2 had overcame his fear of small carnival rides in one day because his love of trains is greater than any fear he can imagine. He went to the dentist for the first time yesterday and actually let the dentist CLEAN his teeth! We were just going in for a check and count. He's all ready for pre-school and will pee in any potty outside of the house. (He still pees in his pull-up at home~ oh well, we're working on it)

And they both look like little men with their buzz cuts. I wouldn't trade any of it or my life experiences for this. But it's still fun to wonder....what if.

Summer Has Begun!

7:33 AM Edit This 0 Comments » I thought this was the time for slowing down, relaxing in the warm summer breezes and basking in the sun. Heh...yeah right. This weekend was a blast don't get me wrong. Life size Thomas, while a little frightening for we adults who've watched way to many horror flicks with inanamate objects coming to life and speaking to us, the boys had a fantabulous time!! Thomas the Tank Engine is J-man #2 's most favorite thing in the whole wide world. Even the J-man himself had his namesake plastered in tattooage on his neck. J-Man #2 of course, had to have Thomas. The played on a kid-sized version of Thomas made out of legos, they played in the train table tent which consisted of about 10 TTTE tables with trains engines of course...I'm sure they would walk away. Another tent had a track with little pump cars and still another had tattoos and of course 17 million different Thomas t-shirts, pjs, and paraphanalia.

Scrapbooking moms (& and Dad's if you care to admit it ;0)) cannont buy Thomas stickers anywhere except from a Thomas trademarked store. Here's one in case you are interested... . Anything Thomas, you can find here. We ended up spending about $150 just on "stuff" for birthday and Christmas presents for various kids...

We also bought the combo tickets so we were able to ride the Strasburg railroad (1 hour long ride) as well as Thomas (25 mins). Saturday was beautiful, so we did all our activities then but our Thomas ride wasn't until Sunday and lets just say all the ladies had their head lights on ;0)

On the way home we stopped in my favorite should look familiar to you all ....

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SEE!!! And you thought I was kidding! Anything and everything Miller you could ever ask for resides here....

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Welcome to my humble abode ;0)

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And they even have their own University...School of Education of course!

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and we even have a road named for us.

For those of you who are paying attention... this is Millersville, PA. We had to go, of course, because it was there...just thought I'd share.

I promise to be by to everyone in the next two know I read everything I've missed, so it may take some time. We're off again to PA this Thurs (this time I get my hair done yay!! ) to visit my bestest friend Beth and her fam. They have dial-up up there so posting may pose to be a bit of a problem. I'll try to keep up through the weekend but if not...well, let's just see ;0)

Happy Tuesday and thanks to everyone who came by to visit this weekend and last week at Cara's!!


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Preview of things to come!! I'll post more later but this is where we were this weekend!! Off to swim lessons...stay tuned!

I'm a Guest!

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Good morning all! I'm dropping a quick note to let you know I'm guest posting over at the fabulous Cara's place today! She out playing in Texas and needed some help filling space. SOOO...come see me over there!

Also, I'm outta here til Monday so you all are off the hook this weekend! Someone say "HI" to Michele for me please!! Have a great one all!!

The Waiting Game

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Well, as it turns out, the walk isn't quite as finished as we thought. Notice the picture below (yesterday's post) the angle it was taken from? Yeah, well if you walk around to the front of the house the side of that curved part was not slated. It's all concrete...oops...6 1/2 inches worth! That's a lot of back filling. So, they are supposed to come back today and "fix" it. We're waiting on the pool guy to give us a quote to get that fixed, waiting for school to be over, waiting for ALL of the ants to die, waiting to hear what's going to happen with that broken window incident, waiting to paint, waiting..waiting..waiting. It's all about patience. ;0) The story of my life! So while you are waiting right along with's a magnetic refrigerator poem I wrote with this site. I got the idea from Raehan over at Agog and Aghast. Some of you may have played so I chose a different set of words for this session. Have fun and let me know what you come up with!

Try imagination.
Waste no passion.
Observe grace.
Dream of beauty.
Capture an impression.

Finished and a First.

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Well, it's finally come to fruition!! I'm so excited, after 4 years it's starting to look like more than a box! Now to plant the flowers...;0)


Want to find out how much t.v. your kid really watches? Ground them.

Yes, for the first time in his natural born life, J-man was grounded pending Dad's return from MA. He was caught by a neighbor throwing rocks and breaking windows with his partner in crime "T".

You'd think I'd be steaming mad. I thought I'd be steaming mad...but for some reason I was very calm and objective. I got a call from the other boys mom saying that a neighbor caught them throwing rocks at the little house near the water tanks. No one lives there, it's just a little office but it was vandalism nonetheless. I marched him over there to show me the damage he did (broke two panes) and then sent him straight to his room. When I went up later I asked him what happened. He told me that "T" found a piece of glass and threw it against a concrete block and it smashed. They thought it was cool and start to throw rocks at the glass to break it more. Then "T" stood on the block and threw a rock at the window and J-man followed suit. When I asked why he would do something he knew was wrong he just stared at me.

"Mom? What did I do wrong?" Huh??
"You think it's okay to throw rocks at windows and break them?
"But you thought it was okay to break these windows?"
"Because they were already broken."

He's right. There were 3 panes covered in cardboard from previous "on-purpose-accidents". And in his 6 year old little brain, he was thinking it was okay to do this because the window was already broken. Alright..this I can live with. He was honest, remorseful, and afraid of what was going to happen next. What more could I ask for. I was that weird?

I told you I'm a yeller by rights. I think he was more freaked because I was so calm. He knew he was really in trouble. In my own head, I was breathing a sigh of relief, but certainly wasn't going to let him in on that.

"You're grounded until further notice. We'll talk again when Daddy gets home."

He wrote an apology note, was not allowed to play with his friends , didn't get dessert, or a story before bed. No priviledges period.

It was the longest 2 1/2 hours of my life!! I said he could play games but no video or computer games, does this include DVD games? It's tv watching and computer game DVD games. Decided. So instead, they continued to run around the house like caged animals, having fun, but LOUD. No t.v. or stories before bed= no wind down time. The stone guys didn't finish until almost 7 p.m. and they couldn't even handle sitting at the door watching them. Meltdown time. Baths, teeth, bathroom. They were both in bed asleep by 7:45.

And I still have two more days of this grounding crap. Isn't he the one who's supposed to be in trouble???


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So far so good!!

My vision for our own home is finally taking shape!! When we moved in 4 years ago...this house was yellow, overgrown, and falling apart. I've listed before the things we've done to it in that short amount of time here, but this was one of my personal milestones. No, I didn't do this myself, but I did design it. This is just the first stage and already it give a more energetic flow to the house! Hopefully by the end of today it will have another step and broken flagstones covering the whole thing. Yay!! I can finally plant flowers and have a decent looking

Addendum: Things have been crazy here this past week with ceremonies, parties, end of the year this and that...AND we had a huge storm yesterday that blew my power until 6 a.m this morning. So, I will be by A.S.A.P!!! Two more days of craziness...and we're done!


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The first scar of consequence formed when I was two. I had a ceramic coffee mug in my hand and was running. Needless to say, I tripped and fell and it broke from me landing on it. I have another one just into my hairline that I received at about age 4 after jumping up onto the counter and cracking my head on the cabinet door corner. Bled profusely, no stiches though. Countless scars on top of scars on my knees, elbows and hands from things like falling, poison ivy, chicken pox, rollerskating, bike riding bug bites, scrapes and scratches.

As I got older, I became less clumsy and scars became more memorable. The inch long mark left on my knee after running myself over with the lawnmower the first time I ever mowed the lawn. No stitches on that one either, amazingly enough. The one on my shin I got from a rigor on a shell while lifting it out of the water after the first crew race we ever won as a varsity team. The small white spot on my thigh that used to be a mole, was ripped off in the throws of being yanked around on an inner tube on Lake Gaston at 30 miles an hour.

Then came the scars you can't see. The ones inside that happen after healing from moving away from best friends or them moving away from me. The death of my friend from alcohol poisoning, the passing of my grandparents or loss of my first dog, Cocoa. From the grieving over betrayal of my cheating boyfriend, or the simple loss of love of which I had no control.

Then there are the happy scars. Like one from both my Cesarean Sections after my baby boys were born. The stretch marks the pregnancies left on my stomach (okay ,well those I could do without..LOL!) or the scar on my arm that appeared after jumping into the pool after my oldest to rescue him from drowning in the deep end.

To you, these may look like imperfections, to me it's what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and I'm grateful for every one because it makes me who I am today. ;0)

Beautiful Bugs

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The coolest thing happened one the way home from a friend's house last night. Around 10 p.m I was driving down the highway at break neck speed, and drove into a bunch of lightening bugs...for about 4 seconds I had and iridescent light show all over my windshield... then they turned into regular but guts. Ah well, it was nice while it lasted.

Friday's Bit

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Please go here and watch this video.

Done? Great.

This video was on the top of the charts in Europe this week. Children of all ages watch it. My kids love it. I think it's great...reminded me of High School and marching to it and the whole football team dancing.

So, please explain to me...although it's blurred out in this video...Why did they give the frog a penis?

Thursday's Conundrum- Same Sex Relationships Gone Wrong

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Most of you know I am pro children. In the most basic sense, they are to be treated with respect, loved, taught right from wrong, and treated fairly. With this comes self-confidence, respect for adults and and inherent sense of good and bad. I do not condone children should be seen and not heard, however, I believe that kids need limits and a healthy amount of rejection is necessary for growth and independence.

This is not one of those times. Unfortunately, these children have no say in the matter. They are too young to speak for themselves and may never see each other again.

Two young ladies fell in love. They wanted to become partners for life and have children together. Both wanted the physical and emotional experience of having a baby so they were both artificially inseminated by the same sperm donor. One had a single child, one had twins with one unfortunate birth defect...Down's Syndrome. This mom chose to stay home and care for all three kids while the other mom went to work and became "the bread winner".

Things have gone sour. The two women want to go their separate ways, but the one who has stayed home with these children and been supported by her partner is suing for alimony and child support.

Here's the issue. They aren't married. According to "the bread winner" she has no ties to these other two children. As far as she is concerned, they had their own babies they should take care of their own children and be done with it.

There was a similar case in VT. The child was born to a same sex couple in a state where same-sex marriage is recognized. The relationship dissolved and one partner moved with the 2 year old daughter to VA where same-sex marriage is not legal. Now a custody battle has ensued and things are complicated because of the laws of two different.

I don't know the outcome of this case at this time, but my question is What about the kids? Kids that are at least half brothers and sisters biologically are involved and a child who is old enough to know two parents as Mommy and Momma is involved. Two of them are "married" in the eyes of the law, two of them are not. These women took on this responsibility together. So now these kids not only have the issues of "divorce" to deal with, but the stigma of same sex parenting. There are so many issues involved here so I'll leave it up to you as to what you want to address, but my question still remains. What about the kids?

Wednesday's Dilemma- Murder She Wrote

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I know a family. Good people. Church goers. Three kids, two loving parents and the epitamy of wholesome goodness. Except for one thing...Dad is a murderer. He has recently been in prison for almost a decade for killing another man, on purpose, in broad daylight, with absolutely no regrets. For him it was an act of desperation.

You see, about 15 years ago, the Mom in this family somehow acquired a secret admirer. First it was a "Hi" in the hallway, then the occasional note, then a couple of random phone calls to her desk, then her home and this continued despite her comments of discomfort, and any other nice ways of saying "No, thank you, I'm married". Before you know it he was in love. So much so, that he wanted her to leave her husband and family behind and run away with him.

She, was flattered at first, then uncomfortable, then frightened and when the threats to her family started she got a restraining order. He was stalking her.

The last straw that broke Dad's back was when this man showed up at his home, and threatened the lives of his children if Dad would not let his wife go.
An ultimatum was given; a time frame if you will, and he walked away.

Dad promptly went into his house grabbed his shot gun and shot the man dead in the street about a block away. Outside, on purpose, with intent to kill.

If it were my kids or my husband, would I have done the same...I'd like to say the answer is "No." But I'm not so sure....

Is there a such thing as Justifiable Homicide?

Note: Parts of this story have been embellished or ommitted to protect the family. Obviously, this is the short version but the underlying theme is true.

Tuesday's Controversy- Breast Milk Online

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I tried to get this article linked for you all but you'll have to wait until next week or go buy this week's People Magazine. I don't normally buy the trash mags simply because I don't care about the Stars' lives, who doing whom or where Tom Cruise will spend his summer. I think they are people who, although, are in the lime light for the majority of their lives and have chosen to do as such, need their privacy.

I was, however, thumbing through this particular people because Garth and Trisha were on the cover and I like them. I found this article entitled "Breast milk is now available online. But is it good for baby?" Hum. Sold.

Jenn Connel, of Wilton, N.H. is a breast cancer survivor. She wanted children but a few years ago she had to have a double mastectomy, hence unable to breast feed. After her first son was born she started and appealed to other moms. She has two boys, 5 months and 17 months old.

She had a huge response and after many questionnaires and health checks she was able to breast feed both her children.

The article states that "thanks parents like Connel, who, for reasons ranging from adoption to illness to single fatherhood, can't satisfy the needs of their own families. With mounting evidence that mother's milk during the first year of life provides children with a host of benefits including immunities to many illnesses, some parents who can't naturally provide it are turning to relatives, friends and the Internet to obtain milk, for free or for a price. In the face of skeptics, they like to point out that wet nurses existed long before formula was invented." But donated milk poses risks of carrying diseases such as hepatitis and HIV.

You can buy your milk online from one of 8 established milk banks in the U.S. But Most milk goes for $3.00 an ounce which puts you at approximately $15,000 for a six month supply if your baby averages 28 oz. a day. Probably the safest option by my standards.

BUT....what about genetics? Immune systems are different for different people. Wouldn't breast milk immunities apply here too? It makes perfect sense to have milk donated for these reasons, but from a relative and not Joe Donator who happens to produce butt-loads of milk that may otherwise be wasted. I love the idea, but the risks out weigh the benefits for me. Vicki also brought up a good argument for genetics and can read that here if you wish. My question to you is pretend you were in any one of these extreme situations..what would you do? Would you risk the health of your baby to give them the supposed health benefits of breast milk?

As always, please feel free to express your opinions, but be nice. Thanks..violators will be towed at their own expense.

Note: I breast fed both my boys...J-man had chronic ear infections, J-man #2 catches everything his brother brings home or at the gym nursery. They are both relatively healthy and by no means "sickly". I was not a breast fed baby and have never had more than a cold, except for Bronchitis when I was younger

Monday's Controversy- Ethnicity

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I love D.C. I love the colors, the smells, the sounds as they relate to people and things. I was reminded of these things last night as I ate dinner by the Potomac River (which has a very distinct smell of it's own, I might add) within viewing distance of the Kennedy Center and Thompson Boathouse. It was a typical, warm, muggy, hazy evening (summer has decended upon us in all it's stifling splendor, in one day mind you) and we were outside eating and drinking and talking and listening.

As the night wore on...this is Sunday remember...those sites, sounds and smells I was talking about, became increasingly abundant in nature. By the time we left at 10:30 p.m. there was more skin, and body parts hanging out than I ever care to see in my lifetime again. They were of all shapes and sizes, all colors and a veritable feeding frenzy began. The energy and heat that emitted from these people was astounding!! Young professionals of all walks of life from late 20's to early 30's began a game of cat and mouse, the likes of which I have never seen.

I've been living in Podunkdom way too long!! My views have changed and so has my lifestyle. I felt extremely out of place and no longer comfortable in my own skin. I have always found people of color fascinating and beautiful especially when the product of different cultures. I have spent a lot of time watching people, living with people and being friends with people of different belief systems, races, religions, political mindsets and sexual preferences other than my own. I respect said people for their choices and can usually engage in contoversial conversations with them and hold my own.

Last night was the exception. One of my dearest friends, with whom)I have known since the tender age of 12, was with me during this display and we had a very disturbing conversation.

She is the child of a bi-racial marriage and I love her dearly. I have watched her suffer and succeed for reasons strictly relating to her color of skin. We have had our jealousies of each other, of which I will not disclose at this time, but we generally agree to disagree when it comes to our mindset and political issues. She is a lawyer, schooled in Conflict resolution, and history. She lives smack in the middle of the District of Columbia and loves it. She is a single 30 something and in the heat of her career and life goals. I am not. I was married with children by 30, schooled in all things education, and live in a bubble. I don't read the paper or watch the news. I tend to deal with negativity by doing the best I can to get rid of it. She lives with a constant battle of Depression.

Her statement about the scene I've just described, was this...
"Living in the city I've learned that for every person who is dressed promiscuously, or otherwise judged (by me or herself) as 'inappropriate' does so because someone out there likes it. The different classes, and cultures, like different things. Hispanic and African American women tend to dress more provacatively to show off their curves. The more flesh the better. Women of Asian decent, while generally small and thin in nature tend to dress in tight clingy dresses ,mini-mini skirts, tight tees and higher heels to make them appear taller. Caucasian women are usually very sleek and trendily dressed or not."

I found it disgusting. I thought many of the girls were inappropriately dressed regardless of how they "thought" they looked. I certainly wouldn't want any child of mine dressed in such a fashion and I have boys! I watched the men watch the girls and found myself envying them at the same time. I was wishing I could have my pre-baby body back. I've always been a big girl, I stand 5'10" and have never worn a size 7 let alone realized there was even a size 0! Yet, I was appalled that even in this day and age, SEX, was exuding from these people like animals. It made me want to throw up, and in no way did I want to even try to understand. I have never had to or wanted to gain acceptance in this way.

Now. Does ethinicity really have anything to do with it? Or is this just a lifestyle that I've become unfamiliar with because of the direction my life has taken? People of like minds band together. People of like cultures band together. You can say the same about race, creed and just about anything. If all these "groups" of people cling to each other for commonality...what does that say about being a "melting pot "of a country? Being "culturally" diverse? Does diversity really mean separate but equal? If something is accepted by one group of people...does that make it okay? Do you feel you have the right to judge people on what you see?

Warning: Feel free to respond to any or all of these things here or in your own post (just let me know so I can read it!) , have conversations in the comment section, say what you feel, but please kind. I welcome all thoughts and opinions here, whether or not they match my own. But I will not tolerate negativity in any shape, fashion or form. Thanks!

First Things First

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What a fantastic day I had yesterday!! We (my boys and I) went to the Herndon Festival with about, 10,000 other people yesterday and had a blast! We rode crazy carnival rides and ate tons of junk food. We ended our excitement filled day sitting in the blazing 1000 degree sun drinking Frappacchino giveaways and eating cotton candy watching Deni Bonet , the two Ann's and her drummer who's name I can't remember right a phenomenal show despite the heat. She is radiant, energetic, spicy, full of life and incredibly talented. When you think of the best of New York, you think of Deni. Bright and beautiful, sassy and intriguing. My kids stayed and listened and danced for the entire hour and a half!! Her original show was slated on line to be 45 mins...which was the only bummer BECAUSE I didn't get to spend any whole lotta hang out time with her. She had already gone onstage when we finsished with our carnival bits and when the show was over I went up to introduce myself and spent about 10 minutes talking to her. Hardly enough time!! I had to bolt because it was already 3:15 we still had to walk back to our car and drive 45 minutes home then an hour back into the city...I was supposed to meet some friends in D.C. for dinner around 5:30 :0(

So goes it...At least we got to meet her and my kids loved her music (so did I)! At one point, J-Man #2 was standing in the middle of the grass, binky in his mouth, arms outstretched, eyes closed and body jammin' to the beat! And me without my cam-corder!! This is so how I want my kids to grow up. Appreciating how hard people work and the beauty talent can give to others.

If you ever get a chance to catch her won't be disappointed. I have to go order her CD now for J-Man #1..I was out of cash at the show! Go here to find her latest release and check out some of her photos and bio. Very cool lady, I hope meet her again someday. Until then Deni...see you in the Blogosphere!!

I'm off to write my first Can O' Worms installment.. I'll have it up later today ;0)

What City Do You Belong In?

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First...I'm off to the Herndon Festival!! Yay me! My plans worked out and I am going to see The Last Girl on Earth play...then I'm going to hunt her down and make her drink yummy drinks with me while I sing her praises about her "The Meme Song".

B)... I will get to each an every one of you who came by yesterday and left me loverly messages and supportive commentary! My ego is full blown again!!! I'm loved! Yay me! Seriously, you all really know how to bring a girl out of downer, so thank you.

3)...I leave you with a fun little Quiz for today because next week I'm going to get all controversial on you...that's right...I'm having a "Open a Can O' Worms Week" or as many days as I can muster seeing as how I'm not all that controversial...but I'll certainly give you the chance to be!

So until then...

I can see me here...or there abouts anyway... more like Tuscany actually.

You Belong in Rome

You're a big city girl with a small town heart

Which is why you're attracted to the romance of Rome

Strolling down picture perfect streets, cappuccino in hand

And gorgeous Italian men - could life get any better?

What City Do You Belong in? Take This Quiz :-)

Find the Love of Your Life
(and More Love Quizzes) at Your New Romance.

Overwhelmingly of consciousness.

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Anyone else feeling completely overwhelmed lately??? This is supposed to be the end of it all...summer's here, vacations a comin', relaxation. Nada. I'm tired, exhausted, sleepy, and fried and freakin' that I might've taken on too much next year...teaching preschool 4 days a week, PTO President..yeah you heard me right, President. What the H-E-double hockey sticks was I thinking? I barely see my husband now and I stay home! And the more tired I get the more paranoid I brain is in overdrive. I don't know what's exactly going to be happening and so I don't have control. I don't have control and so I freak out in my own weirdo sort of way... I start to over analyze things...start thinking I'm not good enough...start to feel sorry for myself. I know I don't need to, I know it's not real, but my brain goes there and I can't help it. It doesn't happen often, so forgive me while I drown myself in my sorrows. I become disjointed and start to ponder things like...

What makes a good writer...does something tragic have to happen in your life to make you a good writer? Nothing bad has ever really happened to me...

Do you like the way I leave comments? Would you tell me if you didn't?

Do you feel overwhelmed with the amount of reading you've committed yourself to? Do you feel guilty if you can't get to everyone everyday?

If you were pissed off at someone for something they said..would you tell them?

Do you ever wonder if you've chosen a different path in life ...what would your life be like now?

Are you worried about your kids making bad decisions and losing control of those decisions?

Why is there air?

Am I going insane?

Do you care?

Am I still a good teacher? Can I do this? What the heck have I done?

Does Hoss still like me? Will Monty find true love? Will Christine finally be able to stay in one house for more than a year? Will Shoehound ever get rid of her Trolls? Will Muzik stay in CO forever? Will Cara ever find her sister? Will Angie ever come to my house to cook a fabulous dinner for my family? Will Dawn ever get the $ she needs from James? Will Norm make it to my house before christmas? Will Michele ever get married to Mr. Wonderful? Will I ever get over my camera jealousy for Kate? Can I get Deb's knack for planting beautiful flowers? I could go on forever!!!! See what I mean? My brain is spinning!! These are the Days of Our Lives....sheesh.. thanks for listening! This is why I didn't post yesterday...too much to do and no time to do it! *Winge, whine, wah, wah*

We have a crazy, birthday parties AND hopefully off to the Herndon Festival where I'm hoping to see The Last Girl on Earth play!!! Wouldn't that be cool????? If it works out..I'll tell you all about it. If it doesn't ...well I'll probably tell all about that too. Until tomorrow then....;0)

Update: Baseball is cancelled and the birthday party is NEXT weekend!!! Yay! I can vaccuum!

A Couple

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Isn't this cool? Found it at Sarcasmom.

\Tallyrand restaurant sign, Burbank'B\zStay at the Y

Also I've been tagged by Cara at To Whom it May Concern...which by the should read today's post if you have a child between 6&10...even younger if your kids play out in the neighborhood...scary stuff but helpful.. is the 3 Things Meme

Three screen names you have had: Purplady, J&J's Mom, Purple Girl

Three physical things you like about yourself: my hair, the color of my eyes, my feet

Three things that scare you: losing one of my kids, my husband drowning (he can't swim), what I will do in a high place (like jump ;0) not afraid of actually jumping just that I will do it without a parachute or bungee cord!)

Three of your favorite bands or musical artist: Bruce Hornsby, Steven Tyler (Aerosmith), Steve Miller Band

Three things you want (need) in a relationship: honesty, trust, love

Two truths and a lie (which one is a lie?) I jumped off a bridge into a river, I eat raw hamburger, I chew my toenails.

Three physical things about the opposite sex do you love: eyes, butt, butt.

Three of your favorite hobbies: reading, art (any kind), blogging (yeah, it's true)

Three things you want to do badly right now: win a lot of $ so my hubby can stop stressing over it, paint my own mural in my own house, get my hair cut off and donate it to Locks of Love

Three careers you’ve considered: Psychologist, Social Worker, Interior Designer

Three places you want to go on vacation: Australia, Disney World with my kids, Scotland

Three kids’ names you like: Anna Marie, Grace, Seth

Three things you want to do before you die: meet my grandkids, watch the world end war ( I can hope right?), go to Austrailia

Three ways that you are stereotypically a girl: I like to talk a lot, I like expensive things, I'm good with kids.

Three celebrity crushes: The Rock x 3!

Toddler Speak

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Thought I'd provide some much needed translations to el family members...maybe you all can benefit too..

"Mom, you can put the tracks togedder so I not gonna wrap 'em again?"
Translation: Mom, will you put the tracks together for me. I promise I won't wreck them again.

"Mom, I drank my juice all"
Translation: "I'm done!"

"Mom, I not eatin' dinner"
Translation: "Mom, I'm not eating dinner...ever."

"Mom, I just take a sweepies"
Translation: "Mom, I just took a nap"

Said after crackers and cheese and peanut butter have been smooshed and flattened all over the table or Macaroni and chees has been thrown on the floor noodle by noodle....
Me: Why can't you eat like a normal person?
J-man #2: Because I'm not a normal person. Okay Mom?

Well alrightly then...