Stream of Consciousness....

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...I am officially fried. Caffeine has started to make me shake, I'm not sure if it's the lack of substance in my body or increase of adrenaline. It's keeping me motivated though. Yesterday just sucked all around from a family a lot of work done, but J-man had a crappy day at school and Katrina decided to drop a tornado close enough that we had to rip the kids out of bed at a moment's notice and a fury of phone calls. We spent an hour in the basement and then every two hours getting up to make sure our basement wasn't flooding due to the sump pump being shut off. Power went back on after about 4 hours. Thank God!

J-man's day was bad because he dropped his star for "disrespecting his teacher and sneakiness." I love this man. He is a phenomenal disciplinarian, but I can't help but feel like a bad parent when my kid acts up...I want him not to be a follower and do well in school. I think part of it is that this is the first year he's been challenged and he's not quite sure what to do with that. He wrote a letter of apology to his teacher and promised to "try" not to do it again. I explained that it takes practice to be good and that we all make mistakes, but we also need to learn from them. J-man #2 woke me up twice last night afraid of the thunder and has had two accidents in the past two days. I swear I feel like I have to be superwoman to handle it all. If I can get through October all will be well. I've also decided that I can't post and read all at the same time. So thanks for putting up with my slackingness...but something's got to give, I guess.

Off to cut out stuff...this work stuff is for the birds!!

Stud Man...

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...says that this is the way Policemen looks a long time ago...back in the '80's. Check out the seriousness of his expression ..LOL!

Today was his first day of 1st grade and he almost didn't make it is, I'm picking him up early and taking him to the Dr. for sever ear pain. He was throwing up and feverish yesterday...I'm thinkin' swimmers ear...but we got some numbing drops yesterday from DR.S.ON CALL great program that our Pediatrician runs and he's fine today. Doped him up with IB and hopefully he'll make it through the day. Here's a photo of the two J-Men on their way to the bus stop. Thankfully my camera is semi-working...I have to hold the button on and I can't zoom in on a whim...but you get the idea. See how foggy it was this morning? It started to clear up a bit when we went out but first thing this morning you couldn't see 10 feet in front of you. Well hears to hoping the grumbly stomach I have this fine a.m. is due to too much caffeine and sympathy pain! Have a great day!

School Days...

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are starting again. Please, please PLEASE be wary of children on the go. There are so many kids who are impulsive and unaware of the road in rural areas. This happened on what should have been an exciting and adventurous first day of school. Please teach, caution, remind, and impress the importance of road and school bus safety to your children, especially those of you who live in rural areas and your child(ren) may not be conscientious of motorists on the even the smallest of roads. It would be tragic if something happened to your child or mine because of a lack of information. Knowledge is power people. Lets all have a safe and happy school year Propeller Thanks!!


J-Man just told me that he didn't want to eat anymore junk... I think he's sick.

I'm Alive

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Mornin' sunshine!! I slept til 10 a.m. sort of, this morning! This is what I look like today . Not really but we head over to the Teacher for Meet the Teacher Night..(in the middle of the afternoon go figure) and then it's fun and games! Yesterday's luncheon went very well yesterday and was not as stress full as I had thought it would be. I am working with some very enthusiastic and competent people this year, Spaz YAY!! I know this will be a great year, but change is always difficult.

We slept with the windows open last night...I can smell Fall! I will de lurk at somepoint, when I can actually focus for longer than 5 minutes. Please know I love you all! School starts Monday for J-man and I will have an easier time of things. The fear is slowly thanks!

Having fun playing with smileys as you can see Dragon . Have a great day!!

Crazy Week...but learning to say NO!

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This morning I have a meeting with the preschool teachers, tonight I have a PTO meeting, in between I have to go to Walmart to buy the rest of the stuff for the teacher survival kits because I couldn't go last night because we had friends over yesterday who stayed 3 hours longer than planned and I couldn't go last night because J-man #2 was worn out from the pool and took a nap til 7 pm so he was up til 11. I also have to go to the grocery store to buy fruit salad makings for tomorrow's teacher luncheon after which I have a Ladies Night Out dinner with the preschool teachers. Thurs I have to be at school for 5 hours to sell t-shirts, bracelets, and maganets AND sign up volunteers for this year at Meet the Teacher night...oh and I have to squeeze a visit to my own kid's teacher in there somewhere. Then Friday is my husbands company picnic and Saturday is the soccer Parent meeting. Do I want to be on the zoning committee? NO. Do I want paint a back drop for the high school play? NO. Do I want to be team mom for J-man's team this year? NO! Whew that felt better...

Now, to do it in real life...see you around midnight!

Happy Belated Birthday Little Man

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On August 15th J-man #2 officially turned 3. I was hoping to have pictures of his cake by now, but I'm waiting on Mom and my Sis to send me a disc from my MI trip, as my camera is busted. So, that will come with time. It was a Thomas the Tank Engine cake and there's a story to go with it, but I'll save that for the pictures.

J-man #2 has been the highlight of entertainment for us. He is blonde, and now green eyed (they've officially turned from blue) and terribly cute if I do say so myself. Looks just like me! LOL! He can melt your heart with his frowns just as easily as his smile, which I'm thinkin' is going to be a very dangerous thing! He knows his alphabet and can count to "twenty-ten". "Mommy are you Happy?" is his question, especially after getting in trouble! He's stubborn and sweet and comes up with the most hilarious forms of the English language I've ever heard. Including his first word which was "Spongebob". No, really it was "Hi"...but "spongebob" was a close second! Other things include:

"I'm not happy because you're not behaving."
"Mommy, I'm being-have!"

"J-man we're both going to be mens okay?"

"Oh, crabby patties."

He's independent and gets along with everyone, but shy and nervous when it comes to new things. Preschool should be fun! ;0) I love that he still needs me and wants his hugs and kisses and snuggles before bed, in the middle of the day or whenever. That he pronounces all his L's like W's. That he has a favorite blanket..just like me. He has a huge heart and a strong spirit, and I can only hope that he continues that way.

Yesterday he was playing with playdough and I heard from the kitchen "Look what I made Mommy! A #3! That's how old I am!"
Now being the ever clever Mom/Teacher that I am, thought "Hmmm...great learning experience here right?" So, I proceeded to tell him that if he added a 7 to that 3 he would have how old Mommy was. I walked out of the room and finished what I was doing on the computer and heard from the kitchen "Mom I made a #7!" "That's great buddy what number do you have now?" Silence. "J-man?" "Ummm....I...hold on!" "I know! Seven-three! That's how old you are Mommy!!"
Silence on my end this time....heh...heh.
I walked into the kitchen to find this....

Now don't that just make you go "Hmmmm."


Happy Monday everyone and thanks for all your honest and thoughtful comments yesterday. This post is orange per request of my good buddy Hoss... Purple and orange go well together don't you think ;0) All Halloweeny!

Blog Post

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For lack of anything better to say..I will talk about something we can all relate to...Blogging (sorry Hoss...I said "IT"). I can describe it in one word...DRAMA!! Has anyone else noticed that there are several fights, pot stirrers and general nastiness floating around lately? At least 3 people I currently read are having serious troll issues, whether it be someone they know or someone they don't. Some have had profane things done with pictures they've posted of their children, others have written things needing obvious support and received really hateful mail and commenting. Why? I would really like to know what you all think.My reasoning is simply this. When you wear your heart on your sleeve you're bound to get stomped on. Now, I'm not being pessimisstic here. Really. I'm a very positive person and I admittedly got caught up in how many comments I could get and what people thought of my postings, so I started writing for "them". I got caught up in the Drama. I then became a basket case...obsessed almost checking comments 10 times a day, trying to think of something "good" to write, but it was driving me crazy!! A lot of you don't have any clue who I really am and when I went back to read some of my earlier posts...I couldn't remember writing them. I got the most feedback and kind words, when I was real. So that's what I did. I started to be real. Sometimes things are funny, sometimes they aren't. My friends and family read this blog and don't always like or agree with what I have to say, but they are kind or they just don't respond. I don't say anything that I wouldn't say to them personally.

But when you put your feelings out there or offer opinions, people will disagree with you. I get that now...I know I live in a bubble, so sue me. It's the law of opposites. For every good, there is a bad. For every right there is a wrong. For everyone who loves there is someone who hates. It's really a matter of who chooses to share it. I have had my share of drama, albeit early on in my blogging career. And some other nastiness since, but so what? I've never been one to be bullied and to what end? To me, people who leave comments and don't leave a way for me to respond are just that...bullies...cowards. I don't have time for crap like that. I won't delete your comments, andI will respond, but that's where it stop. I will not get into a meaningless banter that has no purpose other than to belittle and demean me. And you will realize that I just don't care what you think if you choose to continue. Some of us thrive on the Drama...but quite honestly, how does is help? It's not healthy, it's not resolving any issues and it's a really poor way to get attention.

This is not to belittle the very really problems people have and have had. And if I can offer any support in any way, I will bend over backwards to do it. I admire the strength that some have shown in their writing and the things they have overcome. Who am I to judge? My point is this should be a safe place to write those feelings and thoughts and issues and not be slammed for doing so. I think writers, all of us, write from the heart. Being anonymous makes it that much easier to say what's really on your mind...or does it?

For all my friends, and I do consider you all friends, those I've met and those I haven't, thank you for letting me learn through your mishaps, but more importantly I'm sorry you had to suffer through the forces of this virtual world that will not let you be who you really are.

Why do you write? Has your reasoning changed since you've started blogging? All comments and thoughts are welcome, even those who think I'm full of Sh**.

Thanks for joining...peace.

That 70's Song

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I love music from the 70's and 80's. Today's music is good, but it just doesn't have the emotional impact it did back then. Life was full of growth and fun and broken hearts. And if it's all the same to you, it can stay there. I'll remember happily through my music thank you very much.

So, we left at the crack of early on Tues to drive home frome MI. Mom and I were chatting. The boys were semi-sleeping in the back of the van and a black-spankin' new Lincoln Continental pulls up next to us. The windows are blackened (tinted VERY dark) so much so that you can't see inside. Obvious antennae and the big ol' honkin' spotlight on the side made me say out loud "Look at that Cop Car!" or was it? Mom thought it might be the Mafia or Secret Service...we pondered a bit and it turned off and was forgotten. Until about 5 minutes later when it, or one just like it, pulled up right next to us at yet another stop light. Hmmmm....

Me: "So I guess this illegal right turn I was going to make isn't such a bright idea right about now huh?"

Mom: "Not really, because you know you'll get caught."

Me: "Yeah, and usually when you see the cop, it's too late."

I have no idea whether or not it was actually a cop, but better safe than sorry right? So, I wait for the light to turn and drive on my merry little way. It's quiet and I decide we need a little a little mood music. I popped in my America's Top Ten: 1970's CD and Track 1 begins to play.

J-Man pipes up from the back seat: "Hey Mom. Is that the title?"

Me: "What?"

J-Man "Is that the title of the song? You know what you were saying about once you see a policeman that it's too late?"

Heh..heh...Name of the 1st song on the CD "It's Too Late" by Carol King.

Wanted: New Brain...

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or just an extra one that I can borrow for a while?? Man! Got home last night and the phone calls started at 8:30 this morning. New logo/mascot for our school needs to be approved, six phone calls from parts unknown need to be returned for fundraising, programming and personal issues, have to go pay youngest J's tuition that was due Aug 1 ooops! The director wants me to come in and see if I like my room arrangement and a list of what other "neccessities" I might require, hubs got his new job!!! Yay! More $, more travel and more fun! He hits Vegas for his first "official" trip on the job. The pool is finally fixed!! We've been in it three times this summer...but they were relaxing times to say the least. J-man got the 1st grade teacher I was hoping for. He's a young man..3rd year teacher..phenonmenal. Thinks outside the box, has great repoire with really active boys and recognizes when kids need a challenge, all the while keeping them in check and interested in school. I'm terribly greatful this worked out. Now if I could just get my #2 son to realize that school is fun...we'd be all set.

THEY, 2 boys collectively, got along great with their cousins and my grandma and aunt and uncle in MI. They even managed to NOT drive me crazy insane on the 11 hour car ride up and back. We did, however, have many late nights after several busy days one of those being J-man's #2 3rd birthday...I'll back track on that one tomorrow, another we went to a really cool indoor waterpark and J-man#1 got up the guts to go down the waterslide!! And today he swam all the way through to the deep end in our pool! His confidence just keeps growing and growing. J-man #2 has woken up dry for 7 days in a row...HE'S COMPLETELY POTTY TRAINED!! YAY!! His true test was the super long car ride of course, and he did just perfectly! I can't believe he's three!!

Spent lots of time with mom discussing politics, religion and such. Missed an exit here and there because of it! Pretty much decided that we need an independent party that will be somewhere in the middle of the Donkey's and Elephants. Maybe a Tiger? A purple one would be just dandy. We're stuck in the Middle East people and there ain't no turnin' back. I don't have to like it or even accept it...but as an American I need to support the people there fighting so I can have this crazy so called life of mine. Where that puts me in the grand scheme of things? Don't know...I blame it on the Libra in me.

Spent lots of time talking with me sis who is a reservist in the AF. She's a Major and used to teach at the Air Force academy. Total brain and has done pretty darn well for herself. Her boys are cuter than heck and smarter than God knows what. Her baby boy is 17 mos old and learned to walk this past week. He also knows how to color and put caps back on markers the "right way". When it goes on the "wrong way" he turns the cap over and tries again. He knows sign language, hence doesn't talk much, but still gets his point across. Her oldest reminds me of a little man...totally old soul and brilliant. He's al ready counting to 100 and reading simple words at 3. We all had a great time.

Sound disjointed? Am I rambling? Well, that's what's swimming around in my head right now.. see why I need a newer full capacity brain? Or maybe I can just borrow yours! There's so much to say and no energy to say it. I'll start over tomorrow. I'm going to spend the day catching up ;0) It's good to be home.

This Is Too Cool!

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I'm weird, I get that, BUT look at this! In my everlasting quest to find all things purple I came across this little tidbit...Can you believe it?

Don't adjust your computer screen, your eyes are not fooling you. And no, the images aren't a result of digital enhancement or a Photoshop trick.

A female polar bear named Pelusa turned purple after she was given a special treatment to clear up a skin condition.
The strange sight has attracted crowds of visitors at the Mendoza City Zoo in Argentina. Zoo officials said her fur will go back to her normal cream color in a few days.
The 14-year-old bear suffers from dermatitis.
Copyright 2003 by All rights reserved.


Thanks everyone for your words of support yesterday...this is the real reason I love blogging. You all are a true gift. I really am fine, just needed to validate some things and get over some others ;0) I'm off once again to visit my 90 year old Grandma. She's the only on I have left. Mom, the boys and I are driving up to MI to stay with my Aunt and Uncle and cousins. None of the extended family has met J-man #2 nor my sister's kids. We tried to get my brother to come too, but that's another story all together. I'll save it for a rainy day. I'll be back Tues and probably won't be around til and family, late night talking, ya know ...general craziness!!! Have a great week! I'll see you all really soon! Peace....

I'm Afraid...Stream of Consciousness

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Utterly humorless? Devoid of any creativity whatsoever? Completely lacking in ability? At this very moment...I'm afraid. Afraid of people discovering that I'm not only feeling these things, but feeling them, living them, all at once. That while I'm nervous about venturing into a new world, I'm excited at the same time. Afraid that once people discover these things about me that I will not meet their expectations. Afraid that they will want more from me than I can give. Afraid I took on too much. Afraid my family will suffer. Afraid that I won't be able to give my all to everything and if I can that I will be too exhausted to be useful to anyone.

In two weeks I am sending my oldest child to 1st grade and my youngest to preschool. I will start work again, as a teacher, but this time to mold the young minds of 4 year olds. I am PTO President and responsible for the biggest event and fundraiser our school holds during the year. As you well know, I don't speak my mind unless asked and it's not always what people want to hear. I am strong in my convictions and people mistake that as strength in leadership. Do I have what it takes? I don't know. It's like planning a party right? Teaching is teaching ...I'm a people person...or am I? I haven't done any of this stuff in years!! I've got people; friends, readily recruiting other people on my behalf, setting up meetings, phonecalls, references. Friends who believe in me, know me and have faith in me saying all these wonderful things about me. Who? Who are they talking about? Am I really doing what's right for my kids? For me? For my family? The Hubby will hopefully be starting a new job soon...which means more travel, which means more alone time with the kids, which means emotional upheaval, which means stress, which means confusion, which means what? I'm over analyzing I know...but I'm afraid.

I'm not looking for answers...just asking the's all a process and it will all work out the way it's supposed to. Peace...

Home again...Home again...

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I'm baaaaack!! Did you miss me huh...did ya? Well, no matter. I missed you! ESPECIALLY since my puter went on the fritz about Wed. Something with the mouse in my laptop died..dead...not working. So I had to suffer with long walk on the hard sand beaches with my pooch, building mile high sand castles, buring my kids up to their necks in sand, and floating for hours in the gentle waves of the Atlantic... I love anything that can make me float and feel weightless ;0)

Some things I discovered and re-discovered: the CA girl in me is not lost and that I am a naturally born fish. Going on a family vacation is all about the kids. I love my own bed better than anything in the world. A pool is a nice thing to have after spending 4-6 hours on the beach in 97 degree heat. I know how to read and why I don't read at home (finished 4 books...HP6 being one...OMG!!! No spoils...don't worry.) My favorite times on the beach are early morning, late afternoon...and overcast days. I love Thunder/lightening storms. I love the Hard Rock Cafe...(this makes my sixth, I think...Vegas, NY, Aspen, Hollywood, D.C., and Myrtle Beach). The gifty thing for the kids worked! I'll do it again in a couple of days when I head up North to visit Grandma. Even kids get sick of movies. And lastly, that I can eat the heck out of oreos...4 packages in 1 week!! (I had help!)

My hubby realized that you can tan through 30+ sunscreen and you can load 4 adults and 4 kids AND boogie boards, towels and sand toys on a Club Car Golf Cart and drive 4 blocks to the beach and you won't pop the tires.

J-man #2 loves his big brother, will cover his entire body in sand and not care...will sleep anywhere if he's tired enough and can head bang with the best of 'em!

J-man learned to jump waves, dig for clams, catch fish with a hand net, and can do somersaults under water!

We all had our share of fights and fun and we were all glad to come home even in the raging thunder storm and sleep in our own nice warm beds. I leave you with my number one son's startling realization this week as confessed to the Hubby.

"Dad, I have a really smart brain...but sometimes is doesn't work so well."

Kids say the dardest things ;0) Until tomorrow!....