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The latest mural picture...almost there!!!! Only leaves and evergreens left! Posted by Hello

More SNOWWWW??????!!!!!

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What is this??? Can't we at least have one correct forecast? Just one? Spring? What's that? 6-10 inches they said, starting at 1 a.m. Well goody for us it's almost 1p.m and the roads are wet and the side walks are kinda covered,BUT let's cancel school AGAIN because the weathergoofs said we're expectin' a NorEaster.....whatever. Tessie at least went back to school yesterday with her bud Lillian, a GREAT dane in more ways than one...what a beautiful animal... She, Tessie, is back for "distraction" training and let me tell ya...there was plenty to distract her! 9 other dogs including the Lillinator. Pit Stop, a stout English yellow lab, and some yippy terrier thing that made it almost impossible for me to function as a human let a lone a trainer. The others include a couple black lab mixes, a 6 month old mastiff named Zeus, and a boxer/rotty mix named Roxy. The Giant terrier cross, Gunner, showed his stuff proudly. He's going to make us all look bad. I think that's it. Oh...there's a rescued Golden in there too.

We'll it all made for one tired puppy. She actually left the room last night when we turned the light on! Sorry poochy!

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More stones leading into the window archway which will eventually hold an autumn scene.  Posted by Hello

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After the base coat was dry, stones, flowers, and critters were added with some help from Jan Dressler stencils and enhanced with free hand details. Not bad for a weeks worth of work!! One more wall to go! Posted by Hello

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First the walls were painted with 2 coats of bonding primer...30 some odd years of smokers in the store...can you imagine the nicotine in the walls? Then a base coat of blue with clouds added afterwards. It's amazing how bright it looks already! Posted by Hello

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The Coffee area. Posted by Hello

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More before photos. Posted by Hello

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These are the before pictures of my most recent project oth the Corner Store at Old Tavern in The Plains. Posted by Hello

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Comfy and warm on the couch. Posted by Hello

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Tessie also played in the snow for hours. This is where she ended up! Posted by Hello

Tessie's First Real Snow

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This is our daughter's first snow as well. Our new pup, Tessie is now 10 months old and almost trained! Obviously this did not include sitting on the furniture! She is wiped and making herself quite at home by the fire.

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J2 and the girls next door, Lark and Ashley, played in the snow for more than two hours!!! We couldn't get him to come in! Posted by Hello

Welcome and Little Man's 1st Real Snowfall

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Welcome to a "A day in the life of the Millers". Basically named such because every other Millerized name has been taken...hmmm...Miller common name maybe? Guess I should've done something with my maiden name now shouldn't I? Regardless...we obviously stand alone :0) Maybe the Millerized Zone isn't taken? Nothing like train of thought typing! Well, anywho, my first attempt at this will involve our kids, specifically, J2's first real snow fall. He did not fair well in the blizzard-like conditions of our most recent dumping. However, once we returned home and he was out with Daddy and some friends...hot chocolate wouldn't even persuade him to come in! Please be forgiving of the crudeness of this post as it is my first attempt. Enjoy!