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Seems like I have about 2 hours of "free time" a day anymore. The problem is, it's after my kids go to bed and I'm usually exhausted. So, the way I see it I have to make a choice, do work which is never ending, spend time with the hubs which has been an easy choice since he's been out of town more than not lately, watch tv (thank whomever invented Tivo!), read blogs, post a blog or go to bed. Well lately it's been work and then bed. Most of the family is all sick, that transitional-season-change-cold thing, and I've been living with a perpetual sinus headache. My oldest almost missed the bus because we didn't wake up until 5 minutes before he was supposed to leave. And working is fun why?

Actually, as crappy as I feel right now, I have always loved working with kids. It doesn't matter the age and I'm finding this preschool thing a breeze. As much work as it has been planning, rearranging scheduled and running my own kids, it's been worth the headache. Yesterday I had 3 parents tell me that they are very impressed with the things I'm doing in my classroom. They did not expect such a warm and friendly academic environment. (Why not?) Their children love coming to school and can't wait to do whatever it is I have planned for them next!! One mom expressed to my director that she couldn't believe I took the time out to single out her child and give her a weekly written update on how he is doing. I was floored. It's amazing how the little things mean so much to parents. The truth is, it's a tool for me to force myself to notice what's going on in my classroom and what I need to change or keep up. I really am only doing what I would expect from my own child's teacher. Maybe I have high expectations, and I really thought in the beginning I was doing too much or more likely too high level thinking for them, however, most of them rise to the occasion. What this has taught me is that I was better able to assess each child's level of development, thought processes and idiosyncracies. At this age, kid's brains are like sponges. My goal is to throw as much "stuff" at them and let them take what they can from it. I've never bought my children age appropriate toys...I've always gotten things I think they can learn from, taught them what to do with it then let them explore and grow with it. I am thankful for my Special Education schooling at this point because I have, in a month, figured out how each of my children learn and why they act the way they do. Who is shy, who is immature, who is brilliant, who is left-handed ( I have 3 by the way!) Do you know how hard it is to cut left handed with right handed scissors? Try it sometime. Who is tactily sensitive, who learns auditorily, who may have ADD and yes, there are stereotypical signs at this age although they usually grow out of them by age 7 or 8 if it's developmental and who may be colorblind or developmentally delayed. Who is clueless because they have Nanny at home and 4 other children to compete with, who has already given up because their lives are in upheaval from a tenative move and mom out of the house.

It's amazing what you can pick up on when you know what to look for. This is my gift and I feel alive! This job, while easy to do, is time consuming and a balancing act, but definitely getting easier. It's all the more rewarding to hear that what I'm passionate about is being appreciated by those who have the most input in these kids lives. I think I'm doing something right ;0) I miss my friends and I'm slowly attempting to work them back into my life. They thankfully understand. I miss you blogfriends and hopefully in time you will understand too. Remember the time thing I talked about earlier? Well I have Friday's off and most evening's free. I'm hoping to post as often as I can, maybe 3 times a week ;0) I can't lurk, not in my nature. I'm the one who handwrites all my Christmas cards to include a personal message. It's just who I am.

I am finding that all I have to do is stay organized...whoda thunk?

Another classic...

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Today I had asked J-man #2 come clean up his trains. Several times...finally I walked into the room where he was sitting and he looked at me with a scowled face.

"What up? Didn't you hear me? I asked you to come clean up your trains."
*sigh* "Yes, but mommy...I don't think that's a good choice."

I died laughing and went to pick up the trains myself. This time. ;0)


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is the pile of catalogs that came in the mail on Friday!

Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat.... AHHHHHHH!

Grammar ...Shmammer!

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But first....Sorry I didn't post yesterday...the last two times I've tried to post anything...blogger was "Closed"!!!

There is very little I can't tolerate when it comes to my kids and I am infinitely more patient when it comes to other people's children. knew that was coming didn't you? I. can't. stand. babytalk!! My son says Yewwow (yellow) and wowwipop (lollipop) you get the idea, pronouces L's with a W sound. He's'll come. But if I repeat "Yellow" the way he says it, he gets angry and says "No, Mommy it's "Yewwow!" Still comes out with the sound mix up, but he knows my pronunciation is incorrect. My point here is that even though they may be saying a word incorrectly, they are hearing it properly. So when I hear mom's and dad's saying "Banky" and "Baba" for "blanket" and "bottle" it drives me a little nuts. How the hell are they supposed to pronounce it correctly if you don't?

Now, this is not to say I don't love to hear them speak this way when they are little. It's the cutest damn thing on the earth when they try to say words like "hospital" and "helicopter" and add about 20 extra syllables to it. But to hear a grown up speak this way...well I've made my point.

Grammar is quite another issue. I hated diagramming sentences in school. I never understood more than the basic parts of speech and although I try very hard to speak's not always the easiest thing for me. When I do learn certain things, however, they have a tendency to stick.. For example...did you know that you feel bad? Not badly? You wouldn't go around saying "I feel sadly." or "goodly" or "angrily" would you? Bad apparently is a feeling and not an adverb in this case. You can "do badly" however, just in case you were interested ;0)

So, one of our first lessons was a grammar lesson of similar quality. As we were finishing our art projects kids would raise their hands and say "Done!" or " I'm done!" and to these statements I would calmly say "Cakes are done, people are finished." For three days, time after time, I would repeat this, to the point where I began to think they weren't listening to me because no one had changed their phrasing. Until I heard this story from my assistant.

"Done!" said Emma.
"Cakes are done, people are finished." I replied.
"That really bugs you doesn't it?" said Mrs. L.
"No, not really. I'm just aware of it so why teach them incorrectly? We started that on Monday when you weren't here. Sorry, I should've told you." I said
"Oh, don't worry, I figured out quickly when I asked Robert if he was done and he replied:

"I'm not a cake!"

I love teaching.

OH NO!! It's official...

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J-man know the self-proclaimed "big boy" at 3? Told me this yesterday...

"Mom! I opened the door and smashed my toe on the corner and it really hurts!"

"Oh, honey come here, let me kiss it and make it better."

I grab said foot and give him a big Mwah! smooch..

"But mom, kissing it won't make it better. I need a bandaid."

I think my heart's broken. *sniff*

What Number Am I On?

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Okay...Change #942...the hubs started his new job. Same company, different department. Now, we knew there would be a bit more travel involved in this particular job, but we weren't prepared for him to leave a week after he started! Last week was spent in Las Vegas at a Gaming Show in the midst of lots o' flesh and fame. He spent lots of time working, no time playing, BUT standing really really close to celebs such as Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS who were there promoting there new slot machines and Ed Mc Mahon who was there doing whatever Ed MacMahon does at those things. I think he met the ex-boxer Larry someone (Holmes), the only guy to ever knock-out Mohammad Ali...not a boxing fan can you tell? Anywho, it looks as though we will not be seeing a lot of my wonderous better half as he has his "No more than 40% travel per year" planned in the first 4 months of his start date ;0) Wahooo! NOT! So now the balancing act comes job for both of us, school stuff, church stuff, extra curricular activity stuff, holiday stuff, and whatever other stuff I can come up with to do while he's out working his a$$ off. I guess I can't's just going to take some getting used to. At least he comes home with cool presents and funny stories. I leave you with the first of many I'm sure....from a conversation on the plane ride out. Between my husband, his co-worker and another couple on the plane...

W was sitting behind the hubs and apparently taking great interest in his head. She decided to give him crap and said "Mr. Miller, you have many gray hairs." " Well, I didn't have a problem with them I started working with you W.

The couple next to him started laughing...the wife of said couple said something sarcastic to her husband to which my hubs replys, "What's up with these women giving us so much crap?"

Husband of the couple says, " Yeah, it's a good thing we're going to Vegas where the women know how to treat a man!"

Wife says sardonically, " Well honey, if you paid me maybe I'd be a little more exciting " ...;0)

Made for an interesting plane ride needless to say... I got a Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt out of the deal and a mail-order bride catalog LOL! What happens in Vegas ...stays in Vegas.

It's Hit Home

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Change number 274...Iraq has finally gotten it's nasty little fingers into my life. Right here, right now. It's bad enough to hear about the tragedies over seas, you sympathize and it tugs at your heartstrings, but let me tell you when it happens to's too surreal for words. Last weekend we said goodbye my nephew. He's just gotten engaged and leaves in a week for Iraq. He will be part of the Special Forces Unit that is involved in search and rescue. You know the guys they show jumping out of helicopters and rushing in with rifles blazing while they drag the wounded and the dead out of enemy territory? The one who's head is sticking out of the back of the Hummer firing the machine guns at piles of trash to make sure there are no surprises waiting for them? That would be him. Obvious a bit more information than I needed to know going in. At 22, he's just a baby. Newly engaged and his next birthday quickly approaching in November. Despite all of this, his attitude is amazing. He's prepared to fight for his country and do whatever it takes to help his fellow countrymen. He knows he'll be scared, but his faith in God and his fellow soldiers keeps him strong. He knows he'll be away from loved ones for at least a year and he's prepared to die if that's what is meant to be. He believe's that God has a plan for him and while he doesn't plan to put himself willingly in harm's way, when his number's up...there's no turning back. I have to support his decision and his willingness to fight for my freedom and everyone else's that lives in this beautiful country we call home. I have to support the war efforts because I am an American and we're there. It's happening. There's no going back now. But I sure as Hell don't have to like it or agree with it. You couldn't pay me enough money to be the President of the United States right now, nor to run in 2008. I have sent many a prayer to loved ones over seas and I am asking for the same favor in return. For me, my family and all of those who are there fighting for us. They are all heros in my eyes and I just hope and pray that they come home to us safe and sound and as quickly as humanly possible.

Thank you...God Bless.

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, turn and face the strange...

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Have you ever noticed that when things change things get weird? So much in my life has changed in the past two or three weeks and I'm just now getting used to it. I literally haven't had time to turn on my computer let alone read or write anything. I finally have a break so here it goes...

Change #1: J-man has started 1st grade..has homework 4 days a week, dropped his star but then got 5 stickers in a row and earned a popcorn party. I will be doing math groups in his class starting next week. Started out rough but seems to be on the right track... Went to his Back to School Night last night and was able to meet the other parents in his class, talk to his teacher a little bit and see what he's been doing over the past two weeks!! We looked at a his daily journal writing and already I've noticed an improvement from the beginning of the year until now. He colors in the lines, his drawings are recognizable as something specific and I almost didn't believe that it was his work! He loves his teacher, but school isn't so "fun" anymore ;0) This is actually a good thing because I know he's being challenged and learning something.

Change #2: J-man is completely potty trained!! Wearing underwear to bed and everything. In the last week he has become a self-proclaimed "big boy". He stands up to pee and the "Binky Fairy" came recently too. We were at my sister-in-law's and he couldn't find his pacifier. He brought up the fact that the Binky Fairy must've come and he was a big boy now. He went to bed that night no problems, woke up the next morning and said "I'm a baby!" he wanted his pacifier husband was quick to say "If you a baby then we need to put you back in pull-ups."

"NO! I'm a big boy!" and that was that. We've had two binky free weeks and no worse for the wear! Yay!

He's also started preschool and his day was my first day as well. I cried. Totally caught me off guard...and thank God it wasn't until after I left him crying in his class room down the hall from me that I thought to myself "My baby's going to school!" then I lost it. I did thankfully pull myself together before I got back to my classroom to me the parents of my own class a bit teary eyed but together nonetheless. They were also very understanding..Thank God!

He's had a great week and loves his teacher who smothers him with tons of attention and kisses and hugs. I couldn't have asked for a better school. I know I made the right decision.

Change #3: The Hubs has jumped in feet first into his new position at work and has been in Vegas all week at a trade show. He has several more trips planned in the coming months which will be a transition for all of us. We are finding that he has some flexibility and it pays to be very organized with our schedules in order to not miss anything going on with the kids and still have time for us. This has been the hardest week because everything happened at once. As I mentioned before, I can't imagine being a single parent and adding the stress of a divorce and switching families onto of all of this. My heart goes out to you all who are handling it with grace...I can only begin to appreciate your strength and flexibility.

Finally change #4 -1,009: I'll write about tomorrow because it's long...

Thanks for all you words of kindness and support...I have never been so tired in my life. Good news is it can only get better from here right?

Til tomorrow then....

I'm Here...Really.

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It's not a figment of your imagination...getting some concerned emails from my loverly friends in the blogosphere...I'm here just really busy. I have Friday off so I'll post then about all the changes happening in my life right now. Suffice it to say I do not envy single moms in the heart breaks for you, in fact. I'm working part time and PTO Pres and balancing that with two kids schedules and a hubby out of town. It's enough to kill a person! SO...I'll be around on Friday as it is my 1st day off!! Look for me then!

Thanks for all your concern ;0) Nice to know I'm loved!

Peace Purple People.

"It didn't fall off"...

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...are the words my #2 son said to me from the bathroom after this conversation.

J-man #2 walks into the room last night after sitting on the couch doing what little boys do on the couch and stands there holding himself and wiggling uncomfortably.

"What's wrong?"
"My penis fell off."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes! How am I going to pee?"
"Why don't you go check."
"I want to go by myself."


"Yes J-man #2?"
"It didn't fall off...I was just tricking you." Giggling heard from the bathroom.

Boys.'s all relevant.

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3 1/2 hours was the time it took to get through our staff meeting yesterday.
3 hours was the time I spent working on school paperwork last night...mine & theirs!
9:30 was the time I went to bed last night because I was exhausted.
4:00 a.m. was the time the hubster woke me up to say goodbye.
4:30 a.m. was the time I was forced awake because the dog had to pee.
5:25 a.m. was the time I was firced awake because I had to pee.
6:45 a.m. MY DOORBELL RANG!!! NO..I'm not kidding! It was the neighbor boy WANTING TO PLAY!!!!
6:46 a.m. Both boys are standing at the top of the stairs half asleep asking who is at the door and can they go ride bikes after being awakened by said doorbell.
7:00 a.m. My alarm went off...

So begins another day in Podunkdom.

Fantasy vs. Reality

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This is the hottest man on earth don't cha think??? (besides me hubby of course!) A little daydreamin' before I go back into the real world. So while I'm in a questioning mood...who would you? If you could you? ;0) Hypothetically speaking of course... to my first staff meeting of the year. Wish me director thinks I'm organized...HA!