More SNOWWWW??????!!!!!

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What is this??? Can't we at least have one correct forecast? Just one? Spring? What's that? 6-10 inches they said, starting at 1 a.m. Well goody for us it's almost 1p.m and the roads are wet and the side walks are kinda covered,BUT let's cancel school AGAIN because the weathergoofs said we're expectin' a NorEaster.....whatever. Tessie at least went back to school yesterday with her bud Lillian, a GREAT dane in more ways than one...what a beautiful animal... She, Tessie, is back for "distraction" training and let me tell ya...there was plenty to distract her! 9 other dogs including the Lillinator. Pit Stop, a stout English yellow lab, and some yippy terrier thing that made it almost impossible for me to function as a human let a lone a trainer. The others include a couple black lab mixes, a 6 month old mastiff named Zeus, and a boxer/rotty mix named Roxy. The Giant terrier cross, Gunner, showed his stuff proudly. He's going to make us all look bad. I think that's it. Oh...there's a rescued Golden in there too.

We'll it all made for one tired puppy. She actually left the room last night when we turned the light on! Sorry poochy!