What Number Am I On?

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Okay...Change #942...the hubs started his new job. Same company, different department. Now, we knew there would be a bit more travel involved in this particular job, but we weren't prepared for him to leave a week after he started! Last week was spent in Las Vegas at a Gaming Show in the midst of lots o' flesh and fame. He spent lots of time working, no time playing, BUT standing really really close to celebs such as Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS who were there promoting there new slot machines and Ed Mc Mahon who was there doing whatever Ed MacMahon does at those things. I think he met the ex-boxer Larry someone (Holmes), the only guy to ever knock-out Mohammad Ali...not a boxing fan can you tell? Anywho, it looks as though we will not be seeing a lot of my wonderous better half as he has his "No more than 40% travel per year" planned in the first 4 months of his start date ;0) Wahooo! NOT! So now the balancing act comes in...new job for both of us, school stuff, church stuff, extra curricular activity stuff, holiday stuff, and whatever other stuff I can come up with to do while he's out working his a$$ off. I guess I can't complain...it's just going to take some getting used to. At least he comes home with cool presents and funny stories. I leave you with the first of many I'm sure....from a conversation on the plane ride out. Between my husband, his co-worker and another couple on the plane...

W was sitting behind the hubs and apparently taking great interest in his head. She decided to give him crap and said "Mr. Miller, you have many gray hairs." " Well, I didn't have a problem with them I started working with you W.

The couple next to him started laughing...the wife of said couple said something sarcastic to her husband to which my hubs replys, "What's up with these women giving us so much crap?"

Husband of the couple says, " Yeah, it's a good thing we're going to Vegas where the women know how to treat a man!"

Wife says sardonically, " Well honey, if you paid me maybe I'd be a little more exciting " ...;0)

Made for an interesting plane ride needless to say... I got a Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt out of the deal and a mail-order bride catalog LOL! What happens in Vegas ...stays in Vegas.