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Seems like I have about 2 hours of "free time" a day anymore. The problem is, it's after my kids go to bed and I'm usually exhausted. So, the way I see it I have to make a choice, do work which is never ending, spend time with the hubs which has been an easy choice since he's been out of town more than not lately, watch tv (thank whomever invented Tivo!), read blogs, post a blog or go to bed. Well lately it's been work and then bed. Most of the family is all sick, that transitional-season-change-cold thing, and I've been living with a perpetual sinus headache. My oldest almost missed the bus because we didn't wake up until 5 minutes before he was supposed to leave. And working is fun why?

Actually, as crappy as I feel right now, I have always loved working with kids. It doesn't matter the age and I'm finding this preschool thing a breeze. As much work as it has been planning, rearranging scheduled and running my own kids, it's been worth the headache. Yesterday I had 3 parents tell me that they are very impressed with the things I'm doing in my classroom. They did not expect such a warm and friendly academic environment. (Why not?) Their children love coming to school and can't wait to do whatever it is I have planned for them next!! One mom expressed to my director that she couldn't believe I took the time out to single out her child and give her a weekly written update on how he is doing. I was floored. It's amazing how the little things mean so much to parents. The truth is, it's a tool for me to force myself to notice what's going on in my classroom and what I need to change or keep up. I really am only doing what I would expect from my own child's teacher. Maybe I have high expectations, and I really thought in the beginning I was doing too much or more likely too high level thinking for them, however, most of them rise to the occasion. What this has taught me is that I was better able to assess each child's level of development, thought processes and idiosyncracies. At this age, kid's brains are like sponges. My goal is to throw as much "stuff" at them and let them take what they can from it. I've never bought my children age appropriate toys...I've always gotten things I think they can learn from, taught them what to do with it then let them explore and grow with it. I am thankful for my Special Education schooling at this point because I have, in a month, figured out how each of my children learn and why they act the way they do. Who is shy, who is immature, who is brilliant, who is left-handed ( I have 3 by the way!) Do you know how hard it is to cut left handed with right handed scissors? Try it sometime. Who is tactily sensitive, who learns auditorily, who may have ADD and yes, there are stereotypical signs at this age although they usually grow out of them by age 7 or 8 if it's developmental and who may be colorblind or developmentally delayed. Who is clueless because they have Nanny at home and 4 other children to compete with, who has already given up because their lives are in upheaval from a tenative move and mom out of the house.

It's amazing what you can pick up on when you know what to look for. This is my gift and I feel alive! This job, while easy to do, is time consuming and a balancing act, but definitely getting easier. It's all the more rewarding to hear that what I'm passionate about is being appreciated by those who have the most input in these kids lives. I think I'm doing something right ;0) I miss my friends and I'm slowly attempting to work them back into my life. They thankfully understand. I miss you blogfriends and hopefully in time you will understand too. Remember the time thing I talked about earlier? Well I have Friday's off and most evening's free. I'm hoping to post as often as I can, maybe 3 times a week ;0) I can't lurk, not in my nature. I'm the one who handwrites all my Christmas cards to include a personal message. It's just who I am.

I am finding that all I have to do is stay organized...whoda thunk?