It's Hit Home

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Change number 274...Iraq has finally gotten it's nasty little fingers into my life. Right here, right now. It's bad enough to hear about the tragedies over seas, you sympathize and it tugs at your heartstrings, but let me tell you when it happens to's too surreal for words. Last weekend we said goodbye my nephew. He's just gotten engaged and leaves in a week for Iraq. He will be part of the Special Forces Unit that is involved in search and rescue. You know the guys they show jumping out of helicopters and rushing in with rifles blazing while they drag the wounded and the dead out of enemy territory? The one who's head is sticking out of the back of the Hummer firing the machine guns at piles of trash to make sure there are no surprises waiting for them? That would be him. Obvious a bit more information than I needed to know going in. At 22, he's just a baby. Newly engaged and his next birthday quickly approaching in November. Despite all of this, his attitude is amazing. He's prepared to fight for his country and do whatever it takes to help his fellow countrymen. He knows he'll be scared, but his faith in God and his fellow soldiers keeps him strong. He knows he'll be away from loved ones for at least a year and he's prepared to die if that's what is meant to be. He believe's that God has a plan for him and while he doesn't plan to put himself willingly in harm's way, when his number's up...there's no turning back. I have to support his decision and his willingness to fight for my freedom and everyone else's that lives in this beautiful country we call home. I have to support the war efforts because I am an American and we're there. It's happening. There's no going back now. But I sure as Hell don't have to like it or agree with it. You couldn't pay me enough money to be the President of the United States right now, nor to run in 2008. I have sent many a prayer to loved ones over seas and I am asking for the same favor in return. For me, my family and all of those who are there fighting for us. They are all heros in my eyes and I just hope and pray that they come home to us safe and sound and as quickly as humanly possible.

Thank you...God Bless.