Damn I'm good...

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my stress was for not. I am embarrassed to say, that I was a victim of hearsay. I finally decided to stop listening to all the gossip and go straight to the horses mouth. I asked the principal what the meeting was about today. She told me these two women were coming to talk to her about and afterschool program!! Not boycotting the fundraisers! AAACCKK!

I was so embarrassed and felt really stupid. I apologized to the Principal and called the parent in question. I should've trusted my gut about her, she was mortified when I told her what had happened. In the beginning of the conversation she was telling me how many people including herself, threw all of the most recent forms and letters straight into the trash can...by the end of the conversation I had her heading up the Spring Fling at the end of THIS year to raise money for the beginning of next year and new playground equipment!!!

This was the same woman who said she was going to tell everyone not to come to the Halloween Festival because it sucked so bad last year,( it didn't, but that's beside the point) and she ended our conversation saying this year's festival would be a great hit, she'd donate time and bake sale items and whatever else she could do to help!

It's done thank God!

No Angie I don't dislike you because you don't like the PTO. If I had to do it again..I wouldn't get involved either!! It's not an easy job and I don't envy anyone this position. If anyone has a good idea on how to get every single parent to donate $20- $50 to the school. Let me know!! I want to know why the county didn't budget for a new playground, flagpole and updated library for the school as well. We were K-1 and are turning K-5. A lot of our teachers are switching grade levels and no one knows the exact occupancy date of our newly renovated school. In the meantime..our principal is not focusing on this year..she's leary of spending any money in order to save it for next year. Well what about the kids that are here now? We have $ I'm spending it on the kids. That's what all this crap was about in the first place!!

I'm not taking anything else personally. You all gave me some excellent advice. Thanks I will take it to heart.


It's been raining for over a week now. Do people hibernate? I can't seem to wake up!

I just realized it's Thursday..I'm supposed to do my Thursday 13. Oh well, maybe next week!