Good News...Bad News

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I'm an optimist so I'll start with the bad news first.

Bad News: My friend Scott's mom lost her battle with cancer this weekend.
Good News: She's finally at peace.

Bad News: My car failed inspection
Good News: I'm getting new brakes.

Bad News: The Halloween Festival is only 2 weeks away and I'm hyperventilating.
Good News: I found someone to do our Haunted House!

Bad News: We spent 4 hours in Urgent Care this weekend because my hubs had a 103 fever
Good News: He has strep throat and was able to get antibiotics right away. And head to the Bahamas for work today feeling almost 100%.

Bad News: The hubs is in the Bahamas...without me with a bunch of Texas swimsuit models.
Good News: They are whiney and too high maintenance for him!

Bad News: Today, my day off is almost over and I still have planning to do for the coming weeks.
Good News: I only have a two day week to plan for because we have a field trip to the pumpkin patch on Thurs and we had today off!

Bad News: My sister and her husband came in from The Rockies for a week long visit to PA not VA. Time share deal, see the colors and hike a bit.
Good News: They made the six hour drive down here yesterday just to see us!

Bad News: Momma K and I went to lunch today and she wouldn't let me pay.
Good News: Momma K and I went to lunch today and she did let me vent about all the craziness going on right now and was a very sound ear! It was fabulous to see her and she gave me a very cool beehive candle and matching towel for my birthday. I love candles!

Bad News: I have to stop writing now because work is looming over my head.
Good News: uhh...hmmm...well crap. Nothing good about that now is there?

Oh well. See you tomorrow!