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To everyone who came to my party!! It was the most purplelicious day I've ever had! Monty even wrote me a poem: She gave me a choice of a gift...a or a thoughtful greeting...and of course I chose the *ahem* thoughtful greeting and here it is!

:)Happy 29th +9 Birthday!And now, a birthday limerick for you.*ahem*
On the day of her 38th year
The Millersville Mom we did cheer
Her kids we got high
With candy and pie
'Til she shouted "GET OUT NOW, Y'HEAR!":)
Love and hugs to you!aka_monty
See?? Now wasn't that worth at least $100 bucks? ;0) Thanks Monty!
And thanks to Momma K for throwing me such a wonderful bash at her place! We drank Fat Bastard wine and had all the wheat thins and cheese-its we could stuff in our mouths and of course diet pepsi for the non-alcoholics of the bunch. It was a blast!
My kids and hubs gave me a Ipod Shuffle...Raehan I'm contacting you with some serious play list help!! Whoda thunk they make them so small to begin with and then they needed to come up with a mini version? Anywho, the hubs thought it would go nicely with these... my purple
asics running shoes. I bought them with my first paycheck in 6 years in the hopes that they might motivate me to ...ummm..ya Guess I better do more than wear them to a craft show and work now hadn't I? anyway, went to the Japanese Steak House in town and with the 'rents and the kids and ate myself sick. Tried to go to Cold Stone afterwards for dessert....just the smell made me want to gag, I was so full! The boys had some chocolate concoction and I snitched a bit from them. All in all it was a fun day...everyone remembered and my class even did a little surprise bit for me today!
Every Monday, I have a mystery reader come in for the last 20 minutes of school and read stories relating to our theme of the week or month. This month we are learning about community helpers, Fall, orange, ovals, apples, and of course, Halloween. So what does our Mystery Mom bring in to read? Courdoroy's Big Day. How does this relate you ask? WELL, it doesn't. Instead they threw a surprise party for ME!!! With balloons and games and the works! Each kid brought me one of these individually wrapped and gave me a hug and said Happy Birthday. It's great to be appreciated. I feel like I making a difference both here and at my son's elementary school. People are noticing my passion and my compassion. It's a good feeling ;0) Makes all the hard work worth while!
Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone...I might just think about having another someday.