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Ever notice how any emotion can be defined by "choking"? When you're sad, you get "choked up", when you're scared it feels as if someone is "choking you", when you're angry you want to "choke someone". When you're excited or happy ...well okay, maybe no choking issues there but you get the picture. Everyone here in the past week, EXCEPT me, has been choking in some fashion. The Hubs had strep and was choking on flem, J-man had an -itis of some sort, not really bronchitis or tonsilitis but coughing -itis nonethe less. He was home from church and school last Sunday and Monday coughing like a seal and a low grade fever. None of the over the counter meds worked so we headed to the Pediatrician. The doctor gave him a steroid for swollen bronchials and a cough expectorant with codeine to help him sleep!! Yay! Then....

J-man #2 started with a spiked fever on Wed and we ended up in Urgent Care at 7 p.m that night with his tonsils so swollen and fever so high they told us to sleep with him in case he stopped breathing and to call 911 if that happened. Thanks!!! It turned out to be the same virus as his brother but he had the infection. Still no idea what it was just that his throat was almost completely blocked and he could barely breathe.

We are all fine now. On the road to recovery and my stress level will come waaaay down after next Friday's Halloween Festival. We've already brought in over $5000 in raffle ticket and candle sales and we haven't even had the Festival yet! My head is swimming with things I need to keep up on, but still managing to stay sane. I just can't wait to have my life back!

Hoping to have some time tomorrow to visit everyone. Our 11th anniversary is today so I will hopefully have some time to write about our meeting, wedding and honeymoon. We spent it at Fantasy Fest in Key West which has been cancelled this year until Wilma passes through. Our friends down there are locals and staying weather the storm...so please keep them in your prayers. Thanks! Peace.