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It almost passed me by!!! Happy Blogiversary to me ;0) It's been a tumultuous year full of ups and downs, but I'm very thankful for all the wonderful friends I've met along the way.

A big sloppy kiss to my Fairy Blogmother Momma K for introducing me to this addictive virtual version of reality. She is a blaghing goddess! She has the chair shaped butt to prove it! (ooo...did I say that out loud?)

I have highlighted some of my favorites throughout the year...please don't feel obligated to read everything as this is really for me to continuously say "Did I really write this? What was I thinking?" HOWEVER, if you are so inclined to peruse the artifacts, feel free to leave some love as I had switched to Haloscan and it erased all my previous comments! Really...I swear.

So, without further adieu, I bring you my year in review. Mmwah!!

February 2005 brought an introduction to blogging and finding my niche. I have linked you to the whole month because it's mostly pictures of the mural I painted ;0)

March lead me to Michele, begging for comments (I was truly addicted by then), and my one post about my conflict with growing up Catholic. It was also the source for my first online friendship (love ya Bari!)

April was the first time I ever wrote a poem for my 1st born. Turned out pretty good too ! I also made the amazing discovery

NOOOOOOO!!!! The power just went out and ATE MY POST!!! I was doing a quick save so I wouldn't lose it and the power came back on....AAAAAAHH! I was almost finished...all that work! Okay...I will finish later. Sorry...I'll be back ... this is not going to be a good day...pppfffff.