Quick before it goes again!

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Our internet service has been quite sketchy the past few days. I have had no outgoing phone line since Saturday. The Voice Over IP people only work M-Sat and the hubs left for Noth "Freezing" Dakota on Mon at 6 a.m. for a week. Bleh.

Anywho...just a quick note since I seem to have service at the moment and a few minutes of time. My hard work has not been in vain as I have had close to 20 people request me as their child's teacher next year. This puts my exhaustion in a happy place. Dark days need to make some room for sunshine..I'm gettin' my Spring cleaning bug early and I can't clean on rainy snowy days. Those days are meant for hot beverage drinks and good books and warm blankets.

I've spent the past to afternoons at the library with my boys reading to them, listening to some Black History Month presentations (John Henry always melts my heart) and checking out the latest best sellers for myself. It's a small town, hence a small library, but they always seem to have just the right thing and just the right time.

We're also trying out a book club group thing at school and trying to decide what to read. The problem is I've read most of the choices and wouldn't mind reading them again, but I 'spose that defeats the purpose.

A few of these selections include, Memoirs of a Geisha, The Davinci Code, A Kite Runner, Time Travelers Wife and a couple of others I can't remember.

A Million Little Pieces was one I heard some controversy about and thought might be interesting...any other suggestions?

I will continue with my year in review when I get the energy..I think it might be easier to read a little at a time anyway.

I spent the day Saturday doing J-man's scrapbook. First one I've done for myself. 15 hours sitting at the Holiday Inn it was great! I signed up to do it again in March. Hey, maybe that could be one of my New Year's resolutions... it's still the beginning of the year right?

My congrats to Ms. Angie who should be having her baby as we speak and Mrs. Mogul who had hers a couple of days ago! My thoughts are with you!

And my prayers go out to my friend Michelle who is off to MI tomorrow to help her mom through a mastectomy on Friday. I wish you strength and peace my friend.

Peace for now.