Things That Stick

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No I'm not talking about glue or gum or wet noodles to the ceiling. I'm talking about phrases or conversation memories or that little voice in your head. Yes, I'm hearing voices all the time. The one of my mother that floats through when I'm trying to get a project finished...just get it done quickly...making mucho mistakes along the way..."Fast is not good." she would say every time I rushed through my homework, or a chore so I could go do what I wanted to do. This usually lead to doing said activity over again which, therefore, made it longer. Same thing when I am pulled over by the police...there's a reason every ticket I've ever gotten had the "reckless driving" label printed across it. Yeah.

Then there's the time someone will say "Cracker". Anyone, big one's, little one's no matter who says it I have this overwhelming desire to say "Crackity ass cracker" from the voice now in my head that belongs to my dear friend Lydia. Picture this: I'm in a room full of 4 year olds and one of them says "I love crackers!" about stifling.

My roommate in college walked out of the bathroom one afternoon and said "There's nothing better than a good dump...not even sex."

I'm not even going to go there. Yes, it was a woman.

A very drunk me at my bachelorette part yells at my sister after having revisited most of the jello shooters and lemon drops I had drank throughout the evening "Your mom is going to be so mad at me when you get home!"

Or the "She's the woman with the big feet." when I look at a picture of my mother in law.

Or "Goodbye...I don't love you anymore" when the first Spring breeze blows through.

Or the "Will you marry me?" when the scent of ocean air hits my face.

Or the "Mommy your beautiful." everytime I look at my sleeping boy's face.

What sticks to you?