Nightmares Really Do Come True.

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Food for thought...

What's your worst fear? Has it changed since becoming a parent? Or living on your own?

When I was little, I always had dreams of being left in the car alone. Someone would hop in that was not my mother and force me to drive or the car would mysteriously start and then drive away with me. This of course, stemming frome the fact that I was anxious about not being in control seeing that I was 5 and couldn't drive yet. No, my mother never left me in the car alone, if she did I don't remember it, but regardless not the root of this particular fear.

As I grew older and finally learned to steer and how to make the big metal box on wheels go, I began to have other dreams and visions. For instance, driving head-on into a tractor trailer truck or telephone pole. What if I couldn't swerve out of someone else's way? Again, situations beyond my control and as I became a more experienced maniac..ummm...driver these fears again began to dissipate.

When I became a parent, my main worry was other people hitting me. If someone hit my in the side my youngest would be squashed, the other side my oldest or worse yet me and which then meant leaving two lovely boys without a mother. Nice huh?

Well my biggest, unfounded fear of late has been getting hit by a train. We cross two sets of railroad tracks on our way to work and school everyday. This means we cross them 4 times a day. Trains run right by the school and everyone has to yell "Train! Train!" each and every time it goes by. The engineer blares his horn leaving the kids squealing and jumping up and down.

As fate would have it, this fear was about to be tested. I pulled out of the parking lot of the church and turned left. While doing so, a utility truck of some sort pulled out in front of me from the opposite side of the street. He continued at a very slow pace, confusing at best...and stopped just on the other side of the I was following behind him... and wouldn't you know it? I heard the dreaded sound you never want to hear when sitting on the railroad tracks with your children...the blare of the train whistle.

The lights started to flash the arms began to lower themselves and there I was, stuck behind this IDIOT. I turned to my left to see the train coming full speed in the distance and did what any freaked out woman driver would do...screamed and floored it!

Somehow by the grace of God, I managed to clear the truck in front of me by inches and not have the railroad arm come crashing down on my van. The kids had no clue what was happening til after it was all over.

J-man #2 then yelled "Train!"

Yeah, thanks hon.