Spoiled and Blonde...Yes, I'm Admitting It!

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Okay, so about 3 or 4 years ago I discovered this cool new invention called TiVo. An incredibly innovative device made just for mother's. I'm convinced of this. It not only allows you to record your favorite shows, like a VCR but it also enables you to pause live t.v. Great for being in the middle of watching something and the phone rings 10,000 times, some little person needs you do something or you just have to pee and don't want to miss anything.

I'm an avid t.v. watcher. I admit it. I have approximately 22 shows planned to record at various times and seasons programmed into this puppy and I sit down (usually for the first time during the day) after the kids are in bed and watch about 3 hours worth of shows in an hour and a half. How's that for commercialism? Beautiful! Wind down time for Mom and work time for Dad, puuuuurrrrfect!

Bloop...bloop...I click through the various listings and bloop.. bloop...I'm fast forwarding through the commercials (which are always louder than whatever it is you're watching..ever notice that?) bloop...bloop...deleted and more room for the next recording. What's that? Missed something? Bloop...bloop, rewind...watch it again. Great for sports fans! Your very own instant replay...

So I was driving down the road the other day...alone with my thoughts, jammin' to the classic rock tunes on the radio then the news comes on. News? I actually get to LISTEN to it due to the missing bodies in my back seat (minus children..not dead people). I was listening to some story..can't remember what it was about... and I missed part of it. I found myself unconsciously holding my invisible remote....

trying to rewind what was just said.....on the radio.

Yeah, blonde moment. Some days are just like that.