Summer Has Officially Begun

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Aside from the fact that I need to lose about 15 pounds!! The kids are already at each other's throats and saying they're bored. I spent the days with about 300 boyscouts at daycamp today. I learned all about BB guns and how to shoot them, how to save someone 100 pounds heavier than you from drowning using a back pack and a rope, that I am left eye dominant eventhough I'm right handed and that I am not the only overactive mother out there. It was a lot of fun and brought back memories.

I was a girl scout..way back when...we never got to do cool stuff like archery and BB gun shooting, but we did learn how to cook a full meal in a tin foil pouch stuffed in a bunch of coals and some boating techniques that actually came in pretty handy a few summers ago. We had been canoeing down the James River and came up on a rock just below the surface. Our boat hit it just right and flipped us over. We managed to upright ourselves after spending a few terrifying moments on the underside of the canoe breathing while being pulled down stream by the current into a pool about 100 yards away.
Back then we were still allowed to go camping with our class in school, then of course, someone had to go and put an eye out and that ended that.

I also learned that we are so spoiled by our airconditioned cars and homes. What a bunch of whiners I heard today...not in our group ;0) It reached about 90 today but there was a great breeze and we had swimming at the end of the day. Our guys were real troopers and drank lots of water. It made a big difference.

J-man is being a big man about the whole thing. I'm driving him and his buddy out tomorrow and dropping them off for the day and will continue 'til Friday. He's having a great time and spreading his wings a little more and more each day. I'm so proud of the boy he is growing into... he was actually GOOD today with me there! Usually we end up at each others throats within the first hour...he turns into a two year old and won't leave my side.

Okay I'm rambling. Long day. Glad to be back to normal ;0)