So...what's your life like?

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I'm the kind of person who doesn't really tolerate laziness, stupidity (for those who know better) and plain rudeness. I don't get people who complain all the time about things they can control, or who have children that don't behave in public or expect the world to owe them something when they just sit around all day and do nothing to deserve it.

I have a friend. And she is still my friend because she does all of these things and really has no clue that she's doing it. Otherwise I'm just the biggest idiot when it comes to choosing people to have relationships/friendships with.

This week we were asked to carpool to boyscout camp. We agreed about 2 weeks before camp started that I would drive in the a.m. she would pick up in the p.m. 5 days of this. Camp is 1/2 hour from my house. K. No problem.

Thurs before camp starts there's a knock on my door. "So what's the plan for next week? Are you driving on Monday? Are you staying all day? I'd really like to go so can I just follow you? T's having some really Mommy separation things going on and he's really fragile right now. I'm just not sure how he's going to take the whole thing and I want to be there if he gets nervous."

Mmmmk....we talked about this maybe he's just a little uneasy being away at camp for 8 hours without for me.

"Well there's not sense in you driving too if we're both going. Why don't you just ride along with me and you can drive and pick up on Tues."

"Cool, thanks you're the best!"

Fast forward to Saturday and I get this email

Do you want to carpool on Monday to the day camp? Or at least, can I follow you, because I've never been there, and don't really know
where I'm going yet.

Ummm..hello? Did we not just have this conversation two days

Sunday night. I have a house full of dinner guests...Father's rings and the Hubs answers "Honey? Who's driving tomorrow? You or Jane?"

"Huh? What are you talking about? Driving where?" It couldn't possibly be Jane...It was. "Yes! Tell her I'll be there at 7:15..I'm dropping J-man#2 off at my mom's and we're supposed to be there early. 8a.m. to get shirts, hats, confirm registration etc." ACCCCKKK!!

Day #1. 6:15 a.m. (my alarm is set to go off at 6:30) The phone rings. Guess who?
"I checked the website last night and it says that camp runs from 9 to 3."
"Yawn...yes, but the letter says it's 8:30 -4. We are supposed to get there early to do paperwork stuff." Am I awake?
"What letter? I didn't get a letter?"

We spent the day traimpsing around the wilderness having a great day. Wait...rephrase...I did that...she spend the day hovering. Whatever.

Day #2 I ended up going back to the original plan of driving in the mornings and she picking up in the afternoon because someone whined at me on the way home saying she was sooooo tired and really wished she could sleep in....I should have SUCCCCKKKAAAA tatooed on me forehead.

End of the day..."T has been chosen for a the all-star team and he has one practice tomorrow night. It's really a long day for him so I'm going to pick up the boys around noon so T can get some rest."

Not..."Do you want me to get J-man too." or "Can we switch driving so you don't have to drive twice." or ANYTHING!!!!!

" thanks. There's no reason for J-man to leave early, I'll just go get him."

Is this really happening?

All week things like this happened... did she mean it? No. Is she clueless? Yup. Selfish, mmm not so much. Oblivious? Yes.

Why am I friends with this woman? Good question.

My neighbor claims she's this way because she's not a stay at home Mom..never was...doesn't get the whole reciprocity-think-of-other-people thing.

I have no explanation.