Act of Conscience? Or not...

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I hit a car in the parking lot this weekend and left.....

....a note! Got ya. Seriously though...I did...leave a note that is. It was a crowed mall parking lot on Saturday and I was with Mom and J-man #2. I of course, was meeting the Hubs (right behind me) with number #1 son and tried to pull into a space that was too narrow for my van. I crunched the bumper as I was almost in the spot.

Damn. Looked like a brand new car too....someone was going to be pissed. I left my name, # and apology underneath the wiper blade and went inside to eat. What else could I do?

Then, my mind started to spin...what if someone just picked up the note ...they would have my name and my home number. Of course, I was kicking myself for being so paranoid, but what if?

When I got back out to the car, it was still there. The car and the note. I took the not back, left only my first name and my cell phone number. I then wrote down the make and model of the car and the license #. Just to CMA. I hate that I had to be so careful, but thankful that I had the forethought to do so.

As of call.

As an afterthought, I started to think...well no one saw me. I could've gotten away scott free! Fleeting thought mind you, and I would've felt guilty as Hell if I hadn't done something.

But what if? Do you believe in what goes around, comes around?

C'mon...confess. I won't tell ;0)