Where Does the time Go?

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I don't know how long I can keep up this pace. Things need to slow down soon or I might just konk out. Today was the first day I haven't had to set foot out of the house. I clean my bathroom with a sponge on my hands and knees...did 6 loads of laundry dusted all the shelving upstairs, cleaned out the boys closets and dressers, washed and changed all the sheets, washed walls and I'm still not finished. I think I have a sinus infection which makes bending over pretty damn painful and we just can't seem to get over these colds!! I keep meaning to take a break from life and just come down here and type but I see some mess that needs to be cleaned up, or a phone call that needs to be made or it rings, or someone needs something. It's never ending.

Got a phone call from a close friend this morning who says we've both been really busy and need to make a concerted effort to get together...I totall agree but when?? Her daughter doesn't get home until almost 4:30 and by the time home work is done, it's time to get dinner started, eat, bathed and bed. I know my social life is suffering but I don't want to stress over it either. Things are getting much easier and now that my house is finally clean, I can think better too! Thank God I don't have to worry about laundry.

This cool little thing happens every Wednesday when I leave for work. I come home and all my laundry is done!! That's right the Laundry Fairy comes in the form of my mother every Wednesday!! Thank God too because I would be buried at the point if it weren't for her. Now if I can just figure out where she keeps her magic wand.....