Where'd It Go Mommy?

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Had a blast Friday night in Petroville. Momma K threw a big ol' bash at the Ritz for her hubby's 35th. We learned to play Texas Hold 'em and funny thing about funny money...every time I ran out...the dealer kept giving me more! Makes losing a whole lot less painful!! We dranks lot's o' vino and ate yummy food. Momma K looked totally hot...not that she doesn't normally in her jazzercise wear, but the heels and coctail dress really do make a girl ;0) As I was listening to introductions by her family members...this is what it sounded like..'Hi, I'm Cowgirl Up do you bl**?" "Hi, I'm Unga Chunga. Are you a bl**ger?" CRACKED ME UP!!! We live in our own little world here in Bl*gville. Yes we do. And we're damn proud too!

Anyway...my head was killing me as the evening wore on from that lovely sinus infection I'm ignoring and the next day...my voice started to go. Today...it's gone. My kids were yelling upstairs for me and I couldn't yell back...awww darn! They couldn't hear me! Funny thing...they both started to whisper after that. Hmmmm....maybe I'm on to something here.

Anyway, J-man #2 says. "Mommy are you sick?"
"No buddy, I just lost my voice."
"Oh. Well where did you lose it?"
"I don't know honey. I just woke up this morning and it was gone."
"Well Mommy, I'll make you a deal. You think about where you last saw it and when we get home from church I'll help you look for it okay?"

1....2....3.... Awwww! ;0)