Be Careful What You Pray For...

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I was in church yesterday morning and I said a little prayer. I have been getting all kinds of compliments for the work I've been doing both at school and for the PTO. So my prayer was to basically keep me humble.

Father read the Gospel and started his sermon. "We need to learn Humility. We pray for the Lord to keep us humble in times like these. But be careful if you pray this prayer because I guarantee you, within the next 24 hours, you will get a lesson in humility." Uhhhhh......okay. My ears perked right on up.

24 hours huh? Wow.

So, when I came home. I cleaned my van, went to a friends house for a playdate and came home again to do some beloved blog reading. I only read this one and had to stop. I couldn't read through the tears, but I did learn something...there was my lesson in humility.

I've been so crazy busy and making excuses for not blogging like I could, should would if I had more time, made it a priority, what have you and then I read this...

(I will resume posting in about a week.)

This hilariously creative man just lost the love of his life to a dreadful degenerative disease and he will resume posting in about a week???

Put's life in perspective doesn't it?

I am busy, and I do love blogging, but sometimes I just run out of time or am to lazy or tired to write about anything. I'm not making anymore's too short. But, I will keep up things like friendships and family committments, things that have been going by the wayside because of my schedule. I love all of you and reading keeps my brain constantly thinking. So, though it won't be as regular as I have been, I will keep up ;0)

Please drop by Hoss' place if you can and give him a big ol' cyber hug.