It's Official....

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I'm relaxed. We had a most wonderful Christmas...home alone...just the four of us for the first time in ...well ever. Last year there were 25 people here not including our 4. Years prior were spent switching holidays between my family and the hubs, but since his mom passed away a couple of years ago, his sister and her husband spend their Christmas feeding the hungry and elderly people in their community. We will celebrate with them the weekend after New Year's.

My brother and his daughter are close by and my sister and her family are in CO so we coordinate accordingly. This year everyone stayed home or went to visit their significant other's families. Next year we'll all be together again.

Our day was spent opening presents in shifts..after the J-Team came in at 6:45 and announced "It's almost light out! Get up!" We came down to remote control heaven (or hell as some might say!) We had gone to church the evening before so no need to get dressed. We played games, watched Christmas movies, made a fire, and munched all day. So much so that we didn't eat our Christmas dinner until yesterday because we weren't hungry!

Neighbors spent the day coming by sharing well wishes and food! Cookies mostly..yummy! We gave out bottles of wine this year. Usually I make some kind of signage or ornament with each families name on it..but no time this year. Next year on Christmas Eve I would like our family to exchange homemade gifts. I think it foster's creativity and really brings out the true meaning of Christmas, giving something of yourself that may not always be so easy.

We try not to hype up the present thing too much, and listen to our kids. They really only asked "Santa" for one thing each. We gave them four. I set a limit for each child moneywise this year and did not go over it. They cleaned out all of their "gently used" toys and gave them to the homeless shelter and their broken one were either fixed or thrown away. They each bought a toy for "Toys for Tots" and put it in the box at the local post office. And I think they both had a great Christmas. The pressure is off to be "good" for Santa and they have angels ever since.

Hope you all had a very peaceful and happy day. What was your favorite memory of the day?