Some Things You Should Know

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  • Farts are not funny. Although in a house full of boys, this seems to be a losing battle. The dog is a girl, but when she farts she jumps sky high and acts like she has no idea where they came from. Wimp.
  • I've solved the Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays dilemma....these people have waaaaay too much time on their hands. I've said Merry Christmas to about a gazillion people this past month and only one has said "I don't celebrate Christmas, we're Jewish" which I perkily responded "Oh excuse me...Happy Hannukah." and they immediately said "Thank you and and Merry Christmas to you." To me that was a completely respectful and politically correct exchange of "Holiday Wishes". Don't cha think?? And it took oh about 15 seconds to figure out....problem solved.
  • The plural of "reindeer" "reindeer" not "reindeers" really it is! I'm NOT JOKING!!

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