Snow Days....

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Thirteen Things about J&J's Mom's House on a Snow Day
1. We get to sleep in.
2. Kid's never sleep in.
3. A cooked breakfast.
4. Kid's don't like cooked breakfasts...they'd rather eat cookies and drink coke because it's a "special occasion".
5. I don't have to deal with volunteers showing up for our Holiday Shoppe at school.
6. We have to cram 700 through the Holiday Shoppe in one day...I need to call them and see if I can extend our sale and not get charged for it!
7. Good news we're extended til Monday...hear that Momma K??.... you'll be partied out by Monday won't you?
8. The snow and ice didn't start til almost noon so I got some serious shopping for the angel tree...Christmas party on Monday...Our annual cookie party...big mess...lots of fun!
9. Home to spend more time with my kids catching up on stuff...
10. More time to listen to them fight...let's clog the toilet with a "big poop" and not tell
10. Time to wrap all the teacher gifts for next week...address Christmas cards...I totoally cheated this year. I ordered one of the premade photo cards from Sam's club...printed my stamps...printed my return address...and may print my address too...hey...their getting a family photo and a card at least!!
11. The guy my husband replaced retired. The hubs got a Christmas card from him. When he opened it, the guy had sent him a card he received last year, crossed all the writing out and signed it with this sentiment..."Money's tight life is's your damn Christmas card! ...Merry Christmas." Dave ;0) Totally kinding of course...we laughed ourselves silly.
12. I'm doing this instead of my Christmas cards.
13. The dog stinks...I think I'll go give her a bath...then do my cards...maybe.
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