Are We Still In High School?

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"I can't believe they cancelled on my birthday party just to go to hers." said H.
"Mine has been planned for over a month and S just wanted to steal everyone and be the best. I'm just sick about it."

"Well it's mostly just a girl's thing isn't it? We're doing manicures and pedicures and gettin' some good vino right?"

"Yeah, but S is doing a Pamper Yourself Party too...just to make me mad!"

"I think it'll be fun. Just us hangin' out, drinkin', smokin', and shootin' the sh*&. It's not about you H, it's her need to feel loved and wanted and all that crap."

"I just can't believe she would do this to ME! I can't wait for Karen's visit to be over just so I can get through it!"

THIS was a conversation I had today! Hello? How old are we? 14? 16? No, 38!! Oh my Lord! I am so over people like this. This is supposed to be a fun girl's night out and birthday party for our friend H. Apparently there's a lot of history ...blah...blah...blah....and this particular woman wants to have a party too...not come to ours with the same people. One is Saturday and one is Friday and the women that are having to choose can only get out one night that weekend.

Oy...I'm tired of talking about it already. I just couldn't believe I was actually having the conversation. Just thought I'd share.


Can I just say how sick I am of seeing this?