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I didn't even realize how long it's been since I've actually sat down to my computer to put thoughts other than work into it. I just haven't felt like it. By the time I get home, get some laundry or house stuff done, email checked, PTO stuff handled, #1 son is home from school with homework and dinner, scouts, base ball etc. The Hubs was gone for 2 weeks and with a sick kid it was hard to get everything done. Wah..wah I know but them's the facts!

We went to the zoo on Saturday and I would have to say in the 25+ years I've been going to the National Zoo this was the best trip ever!! The animals were ALL active and they had an interactive festival type thing going on where the kids could make wildlife journals, play with mud and trowels to build fake rocks and trees, touch animal skins and skulls. One nature center even brought fake poop to match up with animal skulls. I thought it was disgusting, but my son loved it! We spent almost an hour looking at tarantulas and looking at bugs under the microscope in Amazonia. He and his friend also asked some really great questions. I love 1st graders!! We were able to see the new baby panda Tai Shan and even the snakes were moving around. We swore they were all on remote controls.

Other than that, life is kinda blah. Just waiting for warmer weather and trying to lose these winter 10 by osmosis...think it'll work? More pensive thoughts to come. My, but they've been sporadic at best...who wants to listen to me apologize and whine? No one...don't blame you. I'm thinking about taking a hiatus til the end of the school year and starting fresh with the sunshine and warmth of VA Spring. Gnorm is supposed to come visit soon...hmmm. I'll let you know.