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Wow. What a beautiful time we had. My nephew looked fabulous and couldn't have been more calm and happy. It almost made us forget he has to leave again. We spent most of Sat and Sunday hanging out at my SIL's house talking to my nephew and his experiences over seas. Some pretty scary stuff I must say. We all know that bad things happen, bombs are planted everywhere, ambushes happen everyday at all hours and there is no such thing as "friendly fire", but we have a tendency to put it all into this little box called Surrealism. Hearing about it first hand, well, let's just say, I spent most of my pretending it was someone else. I held it together through this ...the picture to the right is my sister in law who cried the entire time...see the rather large white circle over her head? Well for those of you that believe in loved ones coming back to visit, they supposedly show up in the form of orbs in photos. This one could possible be my Mother in law who passed about two years ago. This picture was taken right after she told my husband the reason they picked Amazing Grace for the Parent Entrance Song was because it was the first song she (my MIL) ever taught my nephew. I have two more pictures just like this in succession and the orb is not there. Here are a few more pictures where they are there but have moved...I also have two photos from other angles from another camera and the orbs are there as well. Believe it or was a very special moment.

I also made it through this moment with no tears was a small, candlelit, black and white wedding. Simple and beautiful. My brother-in-law is Assistant Pastor at this church and said the blessing at the end...he broke down and the Pastor had to jump in and finish. I managed not to cry here either. Not like me, I know, but there ya go.

It wasn't until we got here to the West Manor House in Forest, VA, an old southern plantation home from the early 1800's, that I lost it. We met the owner who had bought the house and it's 1900 acres with her husband back in 1978. The have recently built another house further back on the property and now use the Manor as a Bed and Breakfast. She said they had little privacy and with 5 children, it became a real issue. The house was absolutely gorgeous inside and out as were the lands that surrounded it. We got there early and we were able to tour the entire house. The ballroom had been added onto the back of the house to accompany large parties and this is where the wedding party was finally introduced. It was here that the bride's father asked us all to bow our heads in prayer before the meal. It was here that he began to speak of the bravery his new son in law possessed that enabled us all to be here this evening. That he put himself in harm's way everyday so that we have the freedom for these indulgences and witnessings. It was here the tears began to flow. I don't think there was a dry eye in the room. You never saw so much pride beaming from a parent as I saw at that very moment. We are truly blessed to have such a beautiful and caring addition to our family.

After that we ate, enjoyed our freinds and family and decided to drive the 3 1/2 hours home to sleep in our own beds. We all took the next day off, nursed the colds J-man and I caught somewhere along the way and prayed that our soldier will make it through the next 7 months in Iraq and will return to us safely to enjoy his new life, new bride and new home.