The Verdict Is In...

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The decision has been made about our elementary school. The smaller school's teachers are staying where they are and vice versa. As of Fall of next year, we will be in our brand spankin' new school with the same teachers just all mixed up. The good news is that J-man #2 will be able to have #1 son's Kindergarten teacher. Yay! #1 son's teacher this year, who is absolutely fabulous, will now be teaching 4th grade, so the possibility of him getting him again is great. There will also be a male teacher teaching 5th grade. Again another phenomenal teacher. Of course with the Ying there is always a Yang. I will remain PTO President at least for the next year...BECAUSE this will ensure that the absolutely horrific 1st grade teacher some unfortunate students have had this year will be a 2nd rate 2nd grade teacher next year. This will not be my child's teacher if it means pulling him out and home schooling him. Now, to me, THAT would be torture so now you know the lengths to which I will go for my children.

That being said, my letter apparently got to the right people. As did a bunch of others, I'm sure, but we ended up with a full time librarian, full time Music teacher, full time Art and GT teacher (same person..2 halves make a whole!) and they've added 2 hours onto the P.E. position making it a part time postion as well. Yay! We will also have a Math Lab and a Computer Lab. Bringing us quickly into the 21st century. As our Principal said, "I asked for the Sun, the Moon and the Stars. I got the Sun and the Moon." and I replied, "And we'll reach for the Stars." It'll be a year or two of growing pains, certainly, but hopefully all will go well. Everyone seems really excited and with the prospect of the powers that be fixing our town's water (which is crap by the way...we have two house filters and a water softener and we still drink bottled water!) we should get some new neighborhoods in here. More houses mean more kids, and in this state that means more $ per student! Local politics are amazing. If people would just be honest and stop trying to make excuses....bleh.

I ended up with a Pre-K position in my preschool for next year so I will be working 5 days a week next year. I'm bummed only because this one day off a week is when I get all my errands run, doctor's visited and hair's cut. My house will be a wreck I'm sure of it! Or no one will ever be here and it'll stay clean....yeah right! I love my job though...even now so all is well.

I'm spending the day scrapbooking tomorrow, 9a.m-10a.m. One of my artsy hobbies that I have no time to do unless I lock myself away in a hotel somewhere for 12 hours and work. I haven't worked on anything since last month when I did the same thing.

In other news...I feel old...I just got an invitation to my 20 year High School Reunion in September...not sure how I feel about this one yet, but I'm going with a lot of people who feel the same way so how bad can it be? ;0)

Happy Weekend!