I"m a Victim!

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I have been in my house for 5 days straight!! It's been beautiful weather outside, but fevers and chills inside. Little man woke up FINALLY this morning with a normal temp. Just a virus apparently, but he was miserable. I, however, got more done in the past couple of days than I have in two months!! On Saturday I managed to get 16 people to hand me $10 for a coach gift as it was the last day of basketball season. Dad's are mostly here with their kids and just don't think of stuff like that I guess ;0) I cleaned my completely disgusting van out and vaccuumed it thoroughly. Now I just need to wash the carpets, but that can wait til Spring. Late Sat night the fever hit...we went to church and dropped J-man off at Sunday school and the headed to the Dr. Of course they didn't open until 12. So I called. "I'm sorry Maam, but the earliest we can see him is 5 p.m." Well, since 22 of the 89 kids at our school were out with Strep on Friday...we took what we could get.

I spent most of Sunday putting away Christmas..ahem...I mean "Winter" decorations and washing windows in the living room. I also vaccuumed out the fireplace and...ready for this? DUSTED! Yup...uh-huh..that's right...a not so well know fact..I don't dust. Oh well, okay. I dust a couple of times a year. I did it at Christmas and just the other day. ;0) Next time will probably when we have a pool party of some sort.

I washed windows inside and out. Pulled all the dead stuff out of my flower beds and cleaned them out. I also started a cross stitch! I now remember why I don't do cross stiching...I think I've ripped everything I've done at least once. Now I'm determined to finish....

Okay...so everything is all sparkly and clean. I even started to put away things that have been lying around because I haven't figured out what to do with them yet like my son's soon to be novella of papers that he brings home from school everyday, candy left over from Christmas that no one has eaten and a lovely little apple shaped dish with accompanying apple crisp kit. Pretty cool little present I received this Christmas when we had our cookie party. I just haven't hade the opportunity to make it yet...not really sure what I want to do with it...picked it up to stick it in my cabinet and noticed a very small, almost indicernible piece of tape with wrapping paper stuck to it.

I've been the victim of a re-gift!!! I was horrified! Shocked! Bewildered!

Okay not really. It made me chuckle a bit though. I actually really appreciated and liked the gift. Most re-gifts, to me at least, should be worth re-gifting. They are usually things that I wouldn't be embarrassed about giving someone, or that should end up in Salvation Army box or go back from whence they came. Now if it's something I just won't use...I'll be happy to find another home for it. I love giving stuff away anywho...especially at garage sales. It's fun to watch people buy stuff for "a steal". I like to think I have cool stuff...I just like to buy more cool stuff and so eventually some of it has to go.

So...do you re-gift? Would you ever tell someone you don't like or couldn't use something they gave to you? Are you telling the truth? ;0)