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So am I the only one that doesn't let my child jump on other people's furniture? Run around Chuck E. Cheese and steal other kid's token's or pizza?
Who pays attention to where my child and other children who are with me are? Who tells my kid it's not okay to take things that don't belong to you?
Who thinks that picking your nose in public is completely gross and disgusting?
Who makes my kids wash their hands before eating and after going to the bathroom?
Who doesn't give my children everything they ask for?
Who limits tv watching and encourages reading or playing a game together? Who doesn't let my child speak for me by calling a neighbor and asking if they can spend the night or if I can babysit them?
Who actually misses my husband when he's gone for an extended period of time and realizes that the kids will act differently for the same reasons?
Who worries why a 3 year old little girl is wandering around Walmart by herself?
Who thinks that leaving your toys in the middle of the road and in other people's yards is rude?
Who thinks their dog should be trained to stay in my own yard or put up a fence to keep them there. NOT to let them wander the neighborhood where they can get hurt or hurt someone else?
Who wants my business to stay my business unless I choose to share it and if I do share it and ask you not to...I expect you to do as you say and NOT SHARE IT????

I'm just I the only one?