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Thirteen Reasons I haven't written anything since last Thursday.

1. Last Friday I spent the day at the zoo (original reason was to go pick up a Wildlife Explorer kit for the 1st grade) with a friend and my youngest kidlet.

2. Ended up buying a new car on the way home.

3. We picked it up Friday evening.

4. Saturday we went to show the parental units our new car and invited ourselves to lunch...we also celebrated Grandpa's birthday...left with enough time to make brownies to take ...

5. ...to a friend's house for dinner and to play Dominos and didn't get home til almost 2 a.m.

6. Spent Sunday a.m at church then came home and took a nap and planned for this week at school and spent time with the hubs as he is out of town for the next two weeks.

7. Got up Monday a.m. and went to work and the kids, mine, theirs and everyone's were crazy insane!! Completely not connected and not listening.

8. I'm PMSing...this is not a good week for this state of mind.

9. Had PTO meeting Monday evening that I had to plan for Monday afternoon but couldn't right away because...

10. I had to find another babysitter for my kids. My neighbor backed out at the last minute because her son had strep. Of course, I didn't know this until I called Monday afternoon when I got home from work and saw her van in the driveway and was curious as to why she was home so early..."Oh we've been home all day, T had a Dr.'s appointment this a.m and we were all tested for Strep. He's the only one who tested positive." I said, "So, you won't be able to watch my kids then, obviously." "Oh, no. That won't work. Sorry."

Umm....hello? When exactly were you going to tell me???? ARRRGGGHHH!!

11. I got another neighbor to watch them but Little Man ended up having a meltdown before we went over there. I ran home so he wouldn't see me. I wrote my agenda on a school computer at 6:15. The meeting started at 6:30.

12. I spent the whole meeting listening to the Principal not answer and defensively convince everyone that the school WILL be done next year, we WILL have a great staff and she WILL fight for the best teachers. I know she's lying and I'm scared to death of what's going to happen to my child's education. Thank God I'm a teacher. Positive.Positive. Positive. That's my thought process right now.

13. Yesterday all the children in the world were on crack because they were completely crazy, nuts, wacky, weird and whatever other freaked out word you can think to describe children who are disconnected, wired and spacey. Needless to say...I was just plain tired and vegged in front of the tv.

See you Friday...really!!