I feel old...

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We have been studying about dinosaurs in the Class of the Small Ones. They have been carefully paper macheing and painting and glittering their very precious dinosaurs eggs (due to hatch tomorrow) layers upon layers of glop over a two week period...just waiting for the big day. We've learned about carnivores and omnivores and fossils; that no people really even existed in the time of the dinosaurs and what extinct means. We've sung songs about dinosaurs, made jello eggs with dinos in the middle, and made dinosaurs out of playdough. But mostly, we've read and looked at a ton of stories and books that really bring to life what dinosaurs were about and how long ago they really lived. So today I couldn't help but bust out when one of my kids had this conversation with me.

"Wouldn't it be cool if you could really have a dinosaur as a pet and he could play baseball with you?" I asked.

"Well we really couldn't because dinorsaurs aren't alive anymore." said Wes.

"No, you're right Wes. The dinosaurs are extinct now."

"Yeah, they lived a super long, long time ago....back in the 80's."

*sigh* Did I mention my 20 year High School Reunion is in September. AAACK!!