The Things They Come Up With..

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I was at the Starbucks in our local grocery store the other day with J-man. He'd endured our weekly shopping trip on the brink of starvation so I promised him something to eat and a hot chocolate. I asked him to go find us a seat and I would meet him there once I picked up our order. When I found him, he had chosen a seat at the bar table with those really high stools. He had his hair spiked and looked all grown up reading the newspaper some other patron had left behind. I pulled up the seat next to him and we started to eat.

A few minutes later we heard "Conceited?! I can't believe you just called me conceited!!!" then "Hey John! This girl just called me conceited can you believe that??" This continuted for the next five minutes or so...the boy being an obnoxious teenager (he turned out to be a worker bee on break) saying other things like "Dude I'm going to throw this jar for the poor at your head." and " Man, I can't believe she called me conceited!" flirting with this girl and showing off, not really caring who was around to hear it.

People began to turn and look. Throwing disgusted looks his way. The girl was obviously embarrassed, sucked down the rest of her lunch and went back to work. I looked at J-man all prepared to give him some motherly talk that included some semblance of "If I ever see you acting like that you'll be grounded for a million years" or " That was completely inappropriate behavior" when he stopped me in my tracks by sighing heavily, shaking his head and saying