New Team...Go Steelers!

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Okay so let's try this again...Go Steelers! Actually if I had to pick a team, they would be mine. I just thought I'd route for the underdog this go around. That would've been a good Superbowl..the Skins and the Steelers. Oh well... the weekend was fun though painful.

I ended up at a brand new roller rink...yeah you heard me. I went roller skating this weekend and landed square on my pah-tooty! Actually I was on inline skates and my brake stop caught on the front of my other skate...over compensated and landed ...BOOOM! Somehow the ground seemed a lot farther away than it used too ;0)

J-man was thouroughly embarrassed, tears and all his first couple go arounds...then he decided to suck it up and listen to me.

"Hanging onto me throws you off balance and don't try to walk. It puts your heel first and then your foot will slide right out from under you."

By George I think he's got it!! 4 hours later he was playing games and having a blast...still falling but hopping right back up and moving on. They turned the lights off and the disco ball on and we skated in circles for hours. We played 4 corners and I won a Pepsi! The little skater "Staff" guy kept following me around...I think he was crushin'! Whoohoo I still got it baby! (No, he didn't see me land on my a$$! Nuff said!)

The wind that night was fierce and we were bombarded by ice pellets...two days earlier it was almost 70 degrees. Go figure!

We're going to try ice skating next weekend...Hopefully they have butt protection there.