Okay Happy? Not So Much..

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Okay...so I'm bored hearing myself talk about all this school crap as I'm sure you were reading it...I decided not to bore you with the letter. BUT if you so choose to read it, it was a good one and you can find it here. For the summation of said letter, suffice it to say, I wrote it..it got to the right people at the right time and for the life of me I can't figure out why I'm so passionate about this. This is not the end, but right now I have to concentrate on planning and school and this takes a lot out of me.

Education. My passion is Education. Of me, of my kids, of your kids. I will never "get over it". It's who I am. Could I have made more of a difference if I had taken the committee position? Maybe. Have I always wanted my kids to go to an ethnically diverse school with a melting pot of nationalities, abilities, strengths and weaknesses ? Yes. All of this is happening for a reason and I know I've done everything I possibly could at this point to make sure that the right people know what is going on.

Will I move? Maybe. Depends on how the next year goes. Will I home school? Never. As a matter of fact I plan to move into the Pre-K class room next year as will Little Man and I don't even want him in my class. To me the parent/child and the teacher/student relationships are very different. I don't have the patience nor the discipline to homeschool. I admire those who do...you are stronger people than I .

I do and will spend a lot of time on my knees praying that I will progress in the right direction for all of these things though. Sometimes you just have to give it up, ya know?'

Thanks for the ear. Peace