10:03 AM Edit This 0 Comments » little guy is sick. His brains are running out of every oraface on his face. He looks like Wolverine tried to attack him from the 3 huge scratches that run under his left ear but he still makes me laugh and is so darn cute I can't stop watching him. This was our conversation last night.

"But I don't like to sleep by myself."
"Honey, you're sick. You don't want to give your cold to J-man do you?"
"But I don't want to sleep by myself. Will you sleep with me?"
"For a little while.."
"Not with Daddy?"
"No. I'm going to sleep with Daddy in our bed."
"Can I sleep with you and Daddy?"
"No, sweetie, you're sick remember?"
"No I'm not. I went to the Dr. and he's said I'm awesome! I'm not sick anymore. No boogers are coming out of my nose. They all went back in."

*stiffled giggle*

"Really? Well, Mommy thinks you need one more night of you sleeping in your own bed just to be safe. Plus, you have all your friends here to keep you company tonight..Santa Bear, Froggie, Bunny, Melanie Bear, Pat the Patrol truck, Blanky, Thomas Blanky...etc."

"Yeah but none of those are talking friends!"