Thursday Thirteen # 4

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Thirteen Things crashing about Millersville today.

I think today I will try to list 13 things I would do to my house if I had an exponetial amount of money.

1. Replace the roof. ( It leaks, but only during hurricanes or very, very strong rain when it comes from the South)

2. Tear down the wall between my kitchen and dining room and redesign my entire kitchen. New cabinets, new appliances (except fridge and stove..they're new) new floor, and new table and chairs.

3. Move the whole back of my house out 4 feet (this would probably happen before #2 because the kitchen is on the back of the house!)

4. Buy a plasma screen tv.

5. Finish the basement complete with media room and all the gadgets that go along with it.

6. Redesign the back yard and pool area.

7. Build a new deck complete with Gazebo and Hot tub.

8. Start a garden with a pond and waterfall.

9. Build a new play area more age appropriate for my boys.

10. Design a cool cobblestone patio and do it myself!!

11. Tear out the master bathroom and put in a claw foot tub and bigger shower.

12. Buy a new bedroom set.

13. Hire someone to do it all so my hubby & I could actually enjoy all of this before we're 90!

Actually...these are all things we plan to do to this house seeing as how we'll be here for the rest of the millenium except 13...we like torture and you don't have to pay for it all at once ;0)

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