This Is Too Cool!

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I'm weird, I get that, BUT look at this! In my everlasting quest to find all things purple I came across this little tidbit...Can you believe it?

Don't adjust your computer screen, your eyes are not fooling you. And no, the images aren't a result of digital enhancement or a Photoshop trick.

A female polar bear named Pelusa turned purple after she was given a special treatment to clear up a skin condition.
The strange sight has attracted crowds of visitors at the Mendoza City Zoo in Argentina. Zoo officials said her fur will go back to her normal cream color in a few days.
The 14-year-old bear suffers from dermatitis.
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Thanks everyone for your words of support yesterday...this is the real reason I love blogging. You all are a true gift. I really am fine, just needed to validate some things and get over some others ;0) I'm off once again to visit my 90 year old Grandma. She's the only on I have left. Mom, the boys and I are driving up to MI to stay with my Aunt and Uncle and cousins. None of the extended family has met J-man #2 nor my sister's kids. We tried to get my brother to come too, but that's another story all together. I'll save it for a rainy day. I'll be back Tues and probably won't be around til and family, late night talking, ya know ...general craziness!!! Have a great week! I'll see you all really soon! Peace....