Home again...Home again...

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I'm baaaaack!! Did you miss me huh...did ya? Well, no matter. I missed you! ESPECIALLY since my puter went on the fritz about Wed. Something with the mouse in my laptop died..dead...not working. So I had to suffer with long walk on the hard sand beaches with my pooch, building mile high sand castles, buring my kids up to their necks in sand, and floating for hours in the gentle waves of the Atlantic... I love anything that can make me float and feel weightless ;0)

Some things I discovered and re-discovered: the CA girl in me is not lost and that I am a naturally born fish. Going on a family vacation is all about the kids. I love my own bed better than anything in the world. A pool is a nice thing to have after spending 4-6 hours on the beach in 97 degree heat. I know how to read and why I don't read at home (finished 4 books...HP6 being one...OMG!!! No spoils...don't worry.) My favorite times on the beach are early morning, late afternoon...and overcast days. I love Thunder/lightening storms. I love the Hard Rock Cafe...(this makes my sixth, I think...Vegas, NY, Aspen, Hollywood, D.C., and Myrtle Beach). The gifty thing for the kids worked! I'll do it again in a couple of days when I head up North to visit Grandma. Even kids get sick of movies. And lastly, that I can eat the heck out of oreos...4 packages in 1 week!! (I had help!)

My hubby realized that you can tan through 30+ sunscreen and you can load 4 adults and 4 kids AND boogie boards, towels and sand toys on a Club Car Golf Cart and drive 4 blocks to the beach and you won't pop the tires.

J-man #2 loves his big brother, will cover his entire body in sand and not care...will sleep anywhere if he's tired enough and can head bang with the best of 'em!

J-man learned to jump waves, dig for clams, catch fish with a hand net, and can do somersaults under water!

We all had our share of fights and fun and we were all glad to come home even in the raging thunder storm and sleep in our own nice warm beds. I leave you with my number one son's startling realization this week as confessed to the Hubby.

"Dad, I have a really smart brain...but sometimes is doesn't work so well."

Kids say the dardest things ;0) Until tomorrow!....