Wanted: New Brain...

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or just an extra one that I can borrow for a while?? Man! Got home last night and the phone calls started at 8:30 this morning. New logo/mascot for our school needs to be approved, six phone calls from parts unknown need to be returned for fundraising, programming and personal issues, have to go pay youngest J's tuition that was due Aug 1 ooops! The director wants me to come in and see if I like my room arrangement and a list of what other "neccessities" I might require, hubs got his new job!!! Yay! More $, more travel and more fun! He hits Vegas for his first "official" trip on the job. The pool is finally fixed!! We've been in it three times this summer...but they were relaxing times to say the least. J-man got the 1st grade teacher I was hoping for. He's a young man..3rd year teacher..phenonmenal. Thinks outside the box, has great repoire with really active boys and recognizes when kids need a challenge, all the while keeping them in check and interested in school. I'm terribly greatful this worked out. Now if I could just get my #2 son to realize that school is fun...we'd be all set.

THEY, 2 boys collectively, got along great with their cousins and my grandma and aunt and uncle in MI. They even managed to NOT drive me crazy insane on the 11 hour car ride up and back. We did, however, have many late nights after several busy days one of those being J-man's #2 3rd birthday...I'll back track on that one tomorrow, another we went to a really cool indoor waterpark and J-man#1 got up the guts to go down the waterslide!! And today he swam all the way through to the deep end in our pool! His confidence just keeps growing and growing. J-man #2 has woken up dry for 7 days in a row...HE'S COMPLETELY POTTY TRAINED!! YAY!! His true test was the super long car ride of course, and he did just perfectly! I can't believe he's three!!

Spent lots of time with mom discussing politics, religion and such. Missed an exit here and there because of it! Pretty much decided that we need an independent party that will be somewhere in the middle of the Donkey's and Elephants. Maybe a Tiger? A purple one would be just dandy. We're stuck in the Middle East people and there ain't no turnin' back. I don't have to like it or even accept it...but as an American I need to support the people there fighting so I can have this crazy so called life of mine. Where that puts me in the grand scheme of things? Don't know...I blame it on the Libra in me.

Spent lots of time talking with me sis who is a reservist in the AF. She's a Major and used to teach at the Air Force academy. Total brain and has done pretty darn well for herself. Her boys are cuter than heck and smarter than God knows what. Her baby boy is 17 mos old and learned to walk this past week. He also knows how to color and put caps back on markers the "right way". When it goes on the "wrong way" he turns the cap over and tries again. He knows sign language, hence doesn't talk much, but still gets his point across. Her oldest reminds me of a little man...totally old soul and brilliant. He's al ready counting to 100 and reading simple words at 3. We all had a great time.

Sound disjointed? Am I rambling? Well, that's what's swimming around in my head right now.. see why I need a newer full capacity brain? Or maybe I can just borrow yours! There's so much to say and no energy to say it. I'll start over tomorrow. I'm going to spend the day catching up ;0) It's good to be home.