Happy Belated Birthday Little Man

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On August 15th J-man #2 officially turned 3. I was hoping to have pictures of his cake by now, but I'm waiting on Mom and my Sis to send me a disc from my MI trip, as my camera is busted. So, that will come with time. It was a Thomas the Tank Engine cake and there's a story to go with it, but I'll save that for the pictures.

J-man #2 has been the highlight of entertainment for us. He is blonde, and now green eyed (they've officially turned from blue) and terribly cute if I do say so myself. Looks just like me! LOL! He can melt your heart with his frowns just as easily as his smile, which I'm thinkin' is going to be a very dangerous thing! He knows his alphabet and can count to "twenty-ten". "Mommy are you Happy?" is his question, especially after getting in trouble! He's stubborn and sweet and comes up with the most hilarious forms of the English language I've ever heard. Including his first word which was "Spongebob". No, really it was "Hi"...but "spongebob" was a close second! Other things include:

"I'm not happy because you're not behaving."
"Mommy, I'm being-have!"

"J-man we're both going to be mens okay?"

"Oh, crabby patties."

He's independent and gets along with everyone, but shy and nervous when it comes to new things. Preschool should be fun! ;0) I love that he still needs me and wants his hugs and kisses and snuggles before bed, in the middle of the day or whenever. That he pronounces all his L's like W's. That he has a favorite blanket..just like me. He has a huge heart and a strong spirit, and I can only hope that he continues that way.

Yesterday he was playing with playdough and I heard from the kitchen "Look what I made Mommy! A #3! That's how old I am!"
Now being the ever clever Mom/Teacher that I am, thought "Hmmm...great learning experience here right?" So, I proceeded to tell him that if he added a 7 to that 3 he would have how old Mommy was. I walked out of the room and finished what I was doing on the computer and heard from the kitchen "Mom I made a #7!" "That's great buddy what number do you have now?" Silence. "J-man?" "Ummm....I...hold on!" "I know! Seven-three! That's how old you are Mommy!!"
Silence on my end this time....heh...heh.
I walked into the kitchen to find this....

Now don't that just make you go "Hmmmm."


Happy Monday everyone and thanks for all your honest and thoughtful comments yesterday. This post is orange per request of my good buddy Hoss... Purple and orange go well together don't you think ;0) All Halloweeny!