That 70's Song

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I love music from the 70's and 80's. Today's music is good, but it just doesn't have the emotional impact it did back then. Life was full of growth and fun and broken hearts. And if it's all the same to you, it can stay there. I'll remember happily through my music thank you very much.

So, we left at the crack of early on Tues to drive home frome MI. Mom and I were chatting. The boys were semi-sleeping in the back of the van and a black-spankin' new Lincoln Continental pulls up next to us. The windows are blackened (tinted VERY dark) so much so that you can't see inside. Obvious antennae and the big ol' honkin' spotlight on the side made me say out loud "Look at that Cop Car!" or was it? Mom thought it might be the Mafia or Secret Service...we pondered a bit and it turned off and was forgotten. Until about 5 minutes later when it, or one just like it, pulled up right next to us at yet another stop light. Hmmmm....

Me: "So I guess this illegal right turn I was going to make isn't such a bright idea right about now huh?"

Mom: "Not really, because you know you'll get caught."

Me: "Yeah, and usually when you see the cop, it's too late."

I have no idea whether or not it was actually a cop, but better safe than sorry right? So, I wait for the light to turn and drive on my merry little way. It's quiet and I decide we need a little a little mood music. I popped in my America's Top Ten: 1970's CD and Track 1 begins to play.

J-Man pipes up from the back seat: "Hey Mom. Is that the title?"

Me: "What?"

J-Man "Is that the title of the song? You know what you were saying about once you see a policeman that it's too late?"

Heh..heh...Name of the 1st song on the CD "It's Too Late" by Carol King.