Stream of Consciousness....

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...I am officially fried. Caffeine has started to make me shake, I'm not sure if it's the lack of substance in my body or increase of adrenaline. It's keeping me motivated though. Yesterday just sucked all around from a family a lot of work done, but J-man had a crappy day at school and Katrina decided to drop a tornado close enough that we had to rip the kids out of bed at a moment's notice and a fury of phone calls. We spent an hour in the basement and then every two hours getting up to make sure our basement wasn't flooding due to the sump pump being shut off. Power went back on after about 4 hours. Thank God!

J-man's day was bad because he dropped his star for "disrespecting his teacher and sneakiness." I love this man. He is a phenomenal disciplinarian, but I can't help but feel like a bad parent when my kid acts up...I want him not to be a follower and do well in school. I think part of it is that this is the first year he's been challenged and he's not quite sure what to do with that. He wrote a letter of apology to his teacher and promised to "try" not to do it again. I explained that it takes practice to be good and that we all make mistakes, but we also need to learn from them. J-man #2 woke me up twice last night afraid of the thunder and has had two accidents in the past two days. I swear I feel like I have to be superwoman to handle it all. If I can get through October all will be well. I've also decided that I can't post and read all at the same time. So thanks for putting up with my slackingness...but something's got to give, I guess.

Off to cut out stuff...this work stuff is for the birds!!