Stud Man...

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...says that this is the way Policemen looks a long time ago...back in the '80's. Check out the seriousness of his expression ..LOL!

Today was his first day of 1st grade and he almost didn't make it is, I'm picking him up early and taking him to the Dr. for sever ear pain. He was throwing up and feverish yesterday...I'm thinkin' swimmers ear...but we got some numbing drops yesterday from DR.S.ON CALL great program that our Pediatrician runs and he's fine today. Doped him up with IB and hopefully he'll make it through the day. Here's a photo of the two J-Men on their way to the bus stop. Thankfully my camera is semi-working...I have to hold the button on and I can't zoom in on a whim...but you get the idea. See how foggy it was this morning? It started to clear up a bit when we went out but first thing this morning you couldn't see 10 feet in front of you. Well hears to hoping the grumbly stomach I have this fine a.m. is due to too much caffeine and sympathy pain! Have a great day!